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Istanbul Nights

Istanbul is known for its vibrant and diverse nightlife scene, which offers something for everyone, from traditional entertainment to modern clubs and bars. I’m an early riser and enjoy stepping out on the streets to watch a city’s morning routines. 


My first encounter with the nightlife in Istanbul was on a Tuesday at 7 AM. The restaurants and bars in the neighbourhood were closed, and they had stashed chairs and tables along the wall. A couple of men were sitting on typical Turkish small stools, engaged in a deep conversation, clearly heavily drunk, finishing (what I assumed to be) the last beer for the night. Just around the corner, a man was cleaning the street and pavements with high-pressure foamy water, removing all evidence of partying, drunkness and everything else that happened while daylight was gone.

As in many other countries where the climate is hot, people tend to step out of their homes for walks snacks, and to socialize in the evening when the temperature has dropped. That's when one can find Midye dolma, the most is a popular and common street food snack in the coastal cities of Turkey. Midye dolma is a type of stuffed mussel dish that has become an iconic snack enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. 

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