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Car Boot Sale

It has been said that Father Harry Clarke, a Catholic priest from Stockport, introduced the car boot sale to the UK as a charity fundraiser after seeing a similar event or trunk fair in Canada while on holiday there in the early 1970s. Although no source for this has been verified, the story continues to be told.


This series of photos is an ongoing project from Slottsskogen, Gothenburg, Sweden (where I live). Car Boot Sales started precisely as what it means—cleaning out things you don't want or need in your house and selling them from the boot of your car. Nowadays, people sell a mix of old and new stuff.  


History of Car Boot Sale in Sweden


1970s - 1980s: As consumerism increased and people accumulated more possessions, the need to declutter and recycle unwanted items grew. This could have been a driving force behind the rise of car boot sales in Sweden. Local communities might have organised informal gatherings where individuals could sell items from their cars.


1990s - 2000s: As the concept gained popularity, car boot sales in Sweden likely became more organised and structured. Local communities, event organisers, and even established markets might have started hosting regular car boot sale events, offering a space for sellers to display their items and buyers to find unique bargains. The rise of the internet and online classifieds platforms also played a role in promoting these events.


Present Day: Continued Tradition Car boot sales remain a popular and established tradition in Sweden today. They provide a platform for people to engage in sustainable practices by recycling and reusing items and an opportunity for social interaction within communities. These events often attract a mix of sellers, buyers, collectors, and enthusiasts looking for anything from antiques to everyday household items.


It is unclear when this photo was taken, but Sweden started using license plates with three letters and numbers in 1973, indicating that it was taken in the mid 70s. Photographer unknown.

Backluckeloppis Linkoping Year unknown Grey Volvo PV544 model Year 1961.jpeg
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