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Wasting time is BQT…

Traveling for a longer period of time means one is conatantly being exposed to new impressions. It is exhausting. Don’t take me wrong, it is exiting and lots of fun but one gets tired. And in my opinion one needs the time to reflect on those experiences.

I remember the first time I decided to stay put in one place to rest. Every morning the people I was sharing dorm with used to ask me about my plans for the day and every day I told the I would do as little as possible. They looked at me with big eyes and it was obvious to me that they though I was a whacko, a weirdo wasting my time.

There are a lot of people traveling to Asia to do yoga, to meditate and to attend silent retreats. Different activities with the same purpose. Wellbeing for mind and body. Today we all know how closely linked mind and body are, the importance of taking care of both and the positive outcomes.

Yesterday evening I had a conversation with a friend who is going through a divorce. He has stayed at the hostel for three weeks now and he told me that he has been inactive, doing noting this past week. He said it felt as if he was wasting his time.

Another friend proudly posted that he had been in an ashram meditating for 28 days. One could say he was wasting his time since he did exactly the same thing as my friend at the hostel. He did nothing.

Same Same.

One we pay for and value, the other we get for free and dismiss as waste.

So where and when did we get it all wrong, this thing about taking the time to do nothing as being a waste.

Why don’t we classify Wasting time as Quality time. The one activity that we can do for free and that doesn’t require neither special equipment nor dedicated space.

Why don’t we praise the person telling us how he or she spent heir Sunday doing nothing. Good for you my friend for havin quality time on your own.

Doing nothing you eventually will get bored. Being bored is a Good thing for your brain. It gets recharged and refueld. It stays healthy.

But there is one difficult part with doing nothing. You are alone with your own thoughts. And this is the part most people find difficult when attending retreats. Dealing with their own thoughts, the fears and insecurity we try to hide when being active.

I had a conversation with a man, he told me his story, he told me about his pain, divorce, kids, narcissistic spouse. He told me he had been traveling for three years, constantly moving, not coping with staying in the same place for long. Because when staying, that is when the thoughts are poking you.

Taking time to do nothing. Listening to our thoughts without trying to find a solutions, without judging. That is quality time for the brain.

Wasting time is a brilliant thing to do. Skip the gym once a week in favour of doing noting.

Have your Brain Quality Time.

4 thoughts on “Wasting time is BQT…

  1. Sooooo happy that I’m not alone to appreciate doing nothing….such an investment in oneself!! You are such an inspiration.

  2. Thank you Lena! And yes, you are right, it is an investment. Enjoy yours.

  3. Wonderful words and right on spot. I have friends who don’t understand when saying I need to be on my own after a few days of interaction with things or people. Or my brain, more than my physical body. Peace ?

  4. I totally get it Joanna. Me being HSP, High Sencitive Person, and an introvert, even though I am a social introvert, struggle with that every day. Especially now when traveling and therefore exposing myself to extreme amount of impressions. People who don’t have the same need of solitude don’t understand. I get that. The ones that don’t understand but accept my need of solitude, these are the ones that accept me. That is also a way of showing love.

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