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Trust …

You meet all sorts of people when traveling. And that is what I love about it. Different background, upbringing, experience, that is what creates the dynamic when meeting co travelers or locals. You eventlually end up talking about the differences between your countries or sharing traveling experiences. You ask some sort of standard questions like where are you from, what do you do for a living, have you been to or where would you recomend me to … You chat on and build some sort of short or long term relationship. In a way you do some sort of speed dating. And as all relationships it is about trust.

I met a woman once who told me she had a trust issue, meaning she doesnt trust others easily. I get that, we all have issues about different things, experiences that made us think this or that way, wounds here and there that won’t heal or start bleeding now and again. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that.

When can I start trusting another person.

Dov Seidmans talk about the value of building trust is worth listening to. It is short but very powerful and it tells us how to it is used to increase your business value. I have heard of it before, a restaurant in London decided to let their customers  themselves decide how mutch to pay for the food they ordered. It turned out they payed more than when the pricing was fixed.

Yesterday I went to one of my favourite places for early coffee, the reggae place. After my second cup I was caught by the rain  and had to stay there for a while. And so were others, parking themselves and their motorbikes while we were waiting for the rain to stop. There we were, listening to the rain, some of us started talking.

And now it begins, the finding out how trustworthy we are to one another. What Dov is talking about is now quite applicable to everyday life meetings. Yet this is one of the tricky issues when traveling.

You meet people, you find them likeable and yet that doesn’t necessarily counts them as trustworthy.

How do I transform Dov’s talk about trust into everyday life situations, like when connecting with others. Man to man. Human to human. The only commodity we have are the words we are saying to each other.

In order to trust others I have to trust myself.