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Trust in the simple life…

This morning I was thinking of Boxing Day. A shopping Holliday according to Wikipedia. Buying happiness.

When I am not moving from one place to another, my days look very much the same. More or less.

I usually wake up early, I go for a walk, I have coffee, more coffee, I read and reply to the messages received during my night due to time difference,I browse Facebook, read the news, read articles, I write. Then I have my first meal around 10-12. After that I would probably go nap for a while. Afternoon will be spent exploring. I will have my second meal before 6 pm and the evening I might go for a walk again. This is roughly what happens. More or less. Some days I do more walking and exploring, some less. But my mornings are very same same.

The whole thing about social media and Facebook is intriguing and packed with contradictions. The good thing about FB is that I can connect and stay in touch with people, I ‘like’ different news agencies which automatically provides me with lots of diverse news. I also read about what is happening in space, new inventions, politics, life, death, news from embassies, good news, bad news, science …. One can get a lot of information from Facebook. Everyone is using it, you and me, governments who are trying to influence us in different ways, to spread good information, to spread bad opinions, false news, hatred and love. It is all there.

After the last election in the US we now know how easy people are fooled, tricked into believing things. We believe it because we read it. There is one thing most people don’t do when reading or listening to someone telling a story.

The lack of Critical Thinking.

Reasonable, reflective thinking focused on deciding what to believe or do. (Wikipedia)

The other thing most people don’t realise is that

There are no Quick Fixes.

These simple two facts has become a multi billion dollar industry feeding on people who are in a not very good place at that moment. Recognising and knowing how to use human behaviour to make money out of it. And today, in the era of internet, nourishing on others insecurities and fears.

How to find yourself
How to make money while you are sleeping
How to create a better future for yourself
5 things you should do now to be more productive in 2018
7 things smart people do frequently and 6 things they avoid at all costs
7 things you can do now to start the new year less stressed

And all the adds telling us about the things we need, about the things we must have to make our lives easier and better and happier and more successful.

Launch a professional copywriting career for jus $24
How to become a travel writer $97
How to make money online, cost varying.
And much more …

The one topic I see almost everyday is about successful people quitting their well payed jobs to travel the world and how they managed, how they did it, how they continued being successful. But now on the road. With a new digital career. This massive industry on how to be happier, how to be successful, how to get more …

When it really should  be about how little we need, about good enough, that we can’t buy happiness, less is more, keep on dreaming, continue making dreams come true …

Don’t  believe or trust everything you hear or read before looking at it in a critical thinking way. Form your own opinion.
Everything takes time, change takes time, there are no quick fixes.

Rome wasn’t built in one day and a good life can be a very simple life.