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Travelling, what is it really like …

This morning I was sitting on the balcony drinking my coffee when a friend from back home sent me a text.

Roughly translated

Are you enjoying your traveling? What is it like behind the nice photos and the encounters with interesting people? Are you homesick? Do you think about the future, what you will do when you get back home?

I’ve had those questions a few times. But never as straightforward as this time.

Yes, I am enjoying my traveling. I have learned a lot. About other cultures, how people live their lives when they don’t have the luxuries people in the west consider as basic necessities in life, I have learned about myself and I would like to think I have evolved. It is amazing and I know I am very privileged having the opportunity of traveling for a longer period of time.

Behind all the nice photos and interesting encounters it is like living my everyday life back home. I’m not sure I can find the right words for what it is like.

Picture yourself, try to see the image of You, your body and mind, exactly where you are right now. Then picture the same image of you somewhere else. You are the same person, the same self, everything about you is the same. The surroundings, the scenery, the people are different but you are the same.

My body is the same. All the problems I had with my body back home, they are still there. Still same body. Same thing goes for the mind. Same mind, same issues. I still need to feed my body, I still need to feed my mind, I will still face obstacles, I will have good days and I will have bad days. That doesn’t change. That is what life looks like for everyone on this planet.

The difference between me living my life back home and living my life on the road is that I am exposed to more of everything.

Easy life
Chaos ….

This comes with moving from one place to another. This is also a result of me traveling on a tight budget.

The one thing this lifestyle requires to be able to enjoy it is the ability of being flexible and quickly adjust to new situations. Perhaps I should add one thing. You can’t be judgemental. You have to accept things being different from what you are used to.

Being homesick. Home means the life I used to live in Sweden. My life was good. Great friend, good job, nice apartment, hot water everyday, clean streets, structure, opera, art events, interesting lectures I used to attend, shops filled with everything I could think of, photowalks, art lessons. I enjoyed all that very much.

Being homesick would mean I am not enjoying my present life as much as I enjoyed the one I used to have.

But I do remember the physical meetings with Sara, conversations with Monica, having coffee with Calle, the walks with Ulla and all the other people that contributed to my life. I think of those moments and feel very grateful.

The future. Don’t try to find a solution to a problem that not yet has occurred.

Thank you Joanna for being so straightforward with your questions.





4 thoughts on “Travelling, what is it really like …

  1. It may be straightforward asking this questions the first thing not talking for so long time. One reason was because I was curious about the feelings of your …. travelling? Not really – but your journey. Yes – your life. Just as when we hung around. The other reason I asked so straightforward was because I know I can (to you).

    Thank you for giving me a moment at your coffe table.

  2. Thank you for for giving me the opportunity to reflect on the issue more thoroughly Joanna.

  3. Do you want to come back or would you like to continue the journey and delay your return to a further date? Is it the date that was decided at first before departure that is closing slowly this chapter and conscious, unconscious preparing yourself to another?

  4. Thank you for your interesting questions Francine. I’m actually writing the answers to those questions to post in a few days. Hope you will have the patience …
    Lots of hugs

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