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Travellers and gender …

Yesterday I posted a photo on my Instagram account and in the caption I reflected on male and female travellers.

Women tend to travel on their own while men tend to travel in group. That is a fact. The day before yesterday  when having dinner we were three single women in the same restaurant. The evening before I was having a drink with a woman, single traveller, I met in my hostel and I saw another woman sitting on her own. At the hostel where I stayed a week ago there were three women travelling on their own but only one man. So yes, there is a difference. I don’t have any statistics but this is what I have observed. On the other hand I have met many male single retirees living in Asia.

So what is the difference. Why do we seem to live our lives so differently.

My only explenation is that I’ve noticed that women tend to be more bold and social. I will give you a few of examples. Once I was asked out on a date. We were talking about our interests and I told him I travel on my own. His response was that he was for too social to travel on his own. Hmmm… Men tend to divorce if they have found a new partner or finding a new partner quickly after their divorce. Generally men don’t like being alone. Women are generally not in a hurry to find a new partner. Women usually stay in hostels while men tend to stay in hotels or at least staying in a single room. That alone limits men from being social and interacting with co-travellers.

There is also a difference in behaviour depending on age. Younger men tend to have a different way of socialising. They are more at ease and open. They are also used to having female friends and doesn’t automatically assume that a woman is hitting on him because she started the conversation. Women earn more money than they used to. Eaven though there still is a wage gap, today women can afford travelling.

Theere is also a physical difference between middle aged men and women. Hormones. Men’s testosterone levels decrease whole women’s increase. Women tend to get more outgoing while men tend to enjoy staying at home.

So what happens with retired men. How come they choose to live abroad. I’ve met a few and we talked about it. They have spent most of their lives working hard saving money for their retirement. So the best value they get is in Asia. Working is more or less the only thing they have been doing before retirement, so when they finally retire they pretty much don’t do anything. Staying in their hotel rooms or bungalows and drinking beer

I have a male friend back home who bought himself an appartment in Spain while preparing for his retirement. He was joking about the standard phrase when going there was Who died while I was gone. The tragedy was that people actually did die. But not from boredom or age but from alcoholism. And yes, I have met those male retirees in Asia. Men living the simple life while being drunk half the day.

Anyway, I’m not saying my observation is applicable to all men and women. I’m not pointing finger at anyone. Try to see it the other way. Traveling is such an inspirational thing to do so don’t let anything stop you from doing it.

Go, see, explore, stay in hostels, get out of your comfort zone, socialise, engage yourself in conversations, ask questions, listen to the answers and make friends regardless of age and gender. But do it with respect and remember that being a traveller is also being an ambassador for your country and its people.

Regardless of gender and age.