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The soul of the city …

I love walking through cities. I love it even more when in cities like Bangkok. There is so much life and love and a ton of other feelings these people carry. And how much they show it. This place has a soul. The new grows beside the old and they flourish together.


We landed at 5 am and by 7 I was at the hostel. The one that intrigued me when i googled hostels in central Bangkok. I just stumbled upon it when I got of the air shuttle. In a box. First the girl told me I couldn’t check in until 2pm and half an hour later she told me everything was set and I could check in. By 8.30 I was discovering Bangkok.

Where to go. Museums, palaces, historical monuments? I have the app and the offline maps are awesome. You can search for anything, hostels, trains, busses, shops, museums, food markets. In my opinion there are two things that gives the city its soul. The locals and the food. I love Asia for the street food. Extremely tasty and very cheap. And it gives me such a pleasure watching the food being prepared. The love and passion put in to the cooking, the colours and the wonderful smell steaming up from the pots and pans.


But my first mission was to buy flip flops. I found a clothing market and headed that way trying to find the tiny alleys where the magic happens. Khlong Saen Saep is to the right on this photo and there is a ferry running back and forth.  A lovely walk. Eventually I found the market and bought the flip flops. They were much needed.



There, just around the corner was the food market. By that time I was tired, hungry and my knee hurt so I bought lunch and headed back. Refreshed after my siesta I did another tour in the afternoon. Watching the city change. People heading home after work, rush hour, a policeman blowing the whistle as if he was truly in love with the sound of it. People minding their everyday lives.


2 thoughts on “The soul of the city …

  1. I’m traveling with you… Bangkok seems to be a very interesting city. 🙂

  2. It is, one could spend weeks there. Nice having you with me dear Patricia!!!

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