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The right thing to do …

7 am.

I am so happy I wake up early. This is the best time of the day. Me and the locals starting the day while it is still cool, the morning light is eye friendly, soft, and the sounds are all from monkeys, birds, dogs, cats. The whole fleet with fishermen have been out working all night and in a distance I can hear them talk occasionally.

I am so lucky.

The view over the bay is stunning. I stand still and just breathe. In and out. As if I into each breath can collect the beauty I see and store it in my body to have for later. Energy to give me strength. We all need that, strength to take us through the day, through our difficult times, through our fears.

I met a woman a few months ago who was ahead of me in her journey. She inspired me to actually do what I had been thinking of doing for many years. We met briefly but I think of her a lot, how is she doing, what is her traveling like. This morning I had a message from her, yey. She reads my blog and commented on my posts.

She wrote about having the courage to get where she is, being afraid of taking further steps, about dreading and doubting, where to go next, what to do.

How will I find the right things to do.

I get every word she is writing. The mix of joy and fear, happiness and doubt, yin and yang that constantly lives in our contiosness. Especially so when traveling because you don’t live in that box of security. You have to create a sense of feeling safe in a different way than when at home. Even more when traveling on your own.

All these fears arise when thinking about doing the right thing.

Knowing if I am doing the right thing for me is easy. I just have to close my eyes, think about my options, and listen to my gut feeling. We know what is right for us, instinctively we do know. It is when we put ourselves into other people’s perspectives that our doubts and concerns come alive.

A long time ago I decided not to regret things I had done but learn from them instead. I have learnt that when I didn’t listen to my gut feeling it got all wrong. Now I listen. That is the right thing to do.


Today I found myself a new place to have my morning coffee. Maha Bar&Restaurant, right on the beach. The lady who owns the place surrounds herself with cats and dogs. And the monkeys just across the road. She keeps her slingshot close. I might stay here today, or for a few hours. This feels like a good place to be.



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