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The new pace …

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challange is to silence the mind.

That is a quote I read today. The words touched me more than I expected when I had given them a thought. And I related.

From the day I decided to actually do this journey things has been, no, life has been on high speed. Things to organise, people to meet, planning, letting go of the known. Quite a different way to approach life than hot it has been. Rollercoaster in body and mind. And suddenly the day it would happen suddenly stood there if from of me, looking me in the eye, telling me there were no return ticket. This ship had to sail. The airplane took off and I was on it.

Dubai, lots to see, making friends, emotional, hurry to Bangkok, lots to see, want to see more, why not see this and that, go there, no, go there, decided to go, fixing tickets, where to change from and to, train and buss and buss and taxi and ferry att taxi and hostel bed no good, mold, new place to stay ……

And there I was, on this iceland, still low season, calm and easy but still walked as if I was in a hurry. So used to having things on the Must do list, Hurry up list, Don’t take a break list.

Took me a few days to realise that I actually don’t have to hurry.


Today I felt my new pace. And I like it.

Get up early, 6 am is preferably. Clothes on. See the sunrise. Morning walk. Because I enjoy it. Stop at a cafe or restaurant and have coffee, 2 cups. Enjoy the view or the locals passing by. Back to my place. By then it’s 10 o’clock. Write, read or internet time.  Lunch. Siesta. Write, read or internet time. Shower and washing todays clothes. Walk. Dinner. Sleep.

That is my new slow pace. In between getting up and going to sleep all the chores above are optional. Like tomorrow, I will go snorkelling.

Slow pace is what locals do a lot here. They are hard working but they also take it slow and easy. There is a lot of involved, sitting doing nothing, or sitting sleeping or just hanging, not doing anything. I guess the heat takes its toll by slowing down people.

My new pace is slow.

With love