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The long beginning …

I think I slept last night. I am not quite sure because today I feel exhausted. Meditating in ones sleep, is that possible? It must be because that is what I remember from last night, me thinking I have to meditate instead of thinking all these catastrophic thoughts. They involved every topic you can imagine.

My friends daughter made a sorry-sad face when she left for school, my friend and I we tried to be more adult about the whole thing. I had a quick coffee with another friend, then off to see dear Sara at her salon. The air shuttle arrived in time and I was so happy everything was working out smoothly. Too smooth. I was too early for check in and the plane bound for Stockholm was delayed. A paradox, I have been traveling for 8 hours, with 2 more to go before departure, and I am still in Sweden.

At the airport I weighed my suitcase and the scale showed 12.66 kilograms. Electronics. I am still proud of myself.

I asked the lady behind the counter at the exhange office if it is expensive in Dubai. How much cash could I possibly need for  a 24 hour stay. She told me that place is expensive but for souvenirs she recommended me to buy these small lamps, she showed me with her hands the shape om the lamps, that are typical…..

So I told her. Long journey, small bag, no shopping. I will collect moments, not things.

With love


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  1. 12.66 kg still being a very good job!
    Delays… 🙁

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