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The last before the first …

I am sitting in my friends kitchen. She and her daughter is cooking dinner while small talking, chatting about yesterday and about tomorrow. This is home away from home for a few days.

My tenant entered her new home yesterday. I left my home yesterday. Yesterday I had invited my friends to my favorite restaurant/bar for a see-you-soon gathering. No goodbyes, no fair wells. At least that is what I had imagined when I invited everybody. All I wanted was everybody to give me a big hug and some love. It turned out as more than I could ever dream of. Yes, I had all the great hugs and all the love was there but I never could have guessed it would be so much of it and that it would turn out to be so emotional. Yesterday was an emotional rollercoaster I will remember for a very long time. Did I tell you about all the love involved, and all the tears because of all the love. I am a lucky girl having friends like mine.

Today I have been thinking of my friends. I held a little speech telling everybody of my party when I turned 40. Then, I thought of the importance of taking care of the friends I had because I didn’t think one could find new ones when getting older.  And there we were yesterday, me and all my wonderful amazing friends, friends from my new life from after my divorce, friends I chose and people that chose me. Because we chose each other. I am so lucky.

The only way one can stand strong alone is when having good people around us.

The clothes I am wearing will be packed and I won’t see them for a year. My boots won’t be worn for a long time, my keys will hang there on the nail. The last night in my city before the journey starts.

The last before the first.





5 thoughts on “The last before the first …

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  3. Bon voyage finaste M. Inte adieu men på återseende! ?

  4. I wish you have a wonderful journey!

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