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The beauty in the simple …

Yesterday I was planning on going snorkelling today. The weather is cool, cloudy and windy so I changed my mind and went for a coffee at a new place. After two weeks here I will probably be rating where to get the best coffee.



Today I decided to try the local place cituated just at the intersection where you turn right to get to the Bang Bao pier.  That means quite busy traffic since all deliveries have to pass on their way to. Locals on motorbikes delivering various of groceries, tourists on motorbikes and in the morning taxis packed with tourists on their way to spend a day at sea snorkelling or scuba diving. One can almost feel their anticipation when leaning out the railing looking towards the sea. This is that sort of place I love spending time at. Nothing exceptional happening, just people getting on with their lives. Just beside me a man is having his breakfast, hot soup with noodles greens and meat. The owners are a old couple, him being bossed around by the wife. Someone comes delivers a big sack of rice. This scenario is wrapped in a constant chattering which unfortunately I don’t understand.

Makes me think of an article I came across on how to become a travel writer. Of course that intrigued me since I’m both traveling and writing. As always these articles are written in the way to make you curious but don’t reveal anything unless you register for the newsletter. Ok, so I did. Next thing I get a email where it says How To Travel The Right Way.

The right way. I have always disliked that way of expressing how things can be done. It implies there is a wrong way. In this case there apparently is a right way you will only find out if you buy the How To Do. One woman says ‘My husband and I cruised the Gulf Islands with complimentary refreshments and full buffet meals, photographing picturesque island-scapes and leisuring like the rich and famous.’


Like the rich and the famous. So that is the right way. Showing photos of luxurious places and things, sunsets and drinks decorated with flower buds, well shaped women and well groomed men holding hands walking empty beaches. Is that what we all should aim for to find happiness. To find the right way.

As my friends know I am a huge fan of Stephen Hawking. Just the other day I read this article where he says Stupidity And Greed Will Kill Off Humans. He is probably right. We are in a way killing our selves when pushing the boundaries without giving a thought on why and what’s the good with it. We are experiencing more pressure in our lives and at the same time there are more yoga and mindfulness instructors than ever. We are trying to fix the symptoms instead of the core issue. In my country people are so busy making money to invest in pension funds so they can live the good life when old, they forget to live the good life now.

I will sit here for a while more. Look at people, dogs, cats and vehicles passing by.







2 thoughts on “The beauty in the simple …

  1. Hej , du ser ut att ha det bra. Läser det du skriver. Kan berätta att i morse hade vi – 5 , så nu börjar det. Ha det bäst. Kram ❤️

  2. Tack Jane, jag har det bra efter att jag gav mig tiden att landa. I den här etappen i alla fall. Såg det på FB, många isskrapor var det idag. Har du funderat på var i världen du ska möta upp mig?
    Kramar om dig å det varmaste

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