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Connected …

Yesterday I had a friend over. She is a dedicated traveler and has been for many years, she has lived and worked abroad so naturally we did talk a lot about travelling. We also talked about more practical issues when traveling. She had read my post about How To Carry My Belongings so we talked about that and discussed pros and cons and how much stuff one needs when traveling for a longer period of time.

The world has changed in a huge way since my friend and I were young. Most of my friends bought these Interrail Passes and traveled through Europe or just got to Berlin and partying weeks in a row. So when they were out of money they had to telegraph their parents begging them for help. Parents then wired money to their precious kids and the kids at best continued traveling or partying. And that was probably the only time the parents heard from their beloved children. Making a call back then could be both difficult and expensive. Europe then was divided into east and west and there were countries phoning from could take days. Ordering a phone call, then you hade to wait for the operator to find a free line, and there were always someone who had the money to bribe the operator and then you hade to wait for hours again. Exhausting.

Today we seem to be constantly connected, for good and bad. The good is that I, as a single traveler, never have to feel alone. I can talk to my loved ones when ever we want. That also gives some sense of security them knowing where in the world I am, in case of emergency. I can easily find information about places I’m going to or getting info from friends on where to stay or what to see. I don’t have to carry these paper maps any more since offline maps with gps are so handy to have in my phone. I can share my experiences through my blog and I can read others.

The bad is that when I am back home all my friends already knows what I have seen and where I have been. Not like back in the days when we got together to listen to the stories and adventures the traveler had been through and experienced.

To sum it up I find there are more good than bad with technology of today and how that keeps us connected. Connected to each other. Even Edward Snowden can travel the world nowadays using technology in a genius way. He is attending Ted Talks and seminars that way. I love these new solutions on staying connected.

After 10 posts on this blog I have readers from 10 different countries. In the end it is all about connecting people and sharing stories. Sharing stories is good. Follow mine and please feel free to share yours.