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Sunday gratefulness …

Sunday morning, I slept in. We had such a wonderful evening at the hostel. There was music, singing, talking, laughing, sharing. One of those moments when the only thing to do is relax en enjoy. I realised that some of the people you meet on the road you somehow get closer than with some friends at home. There is this openness, respect and lack of judgment. Im now sure if traveling dose that to you or if people traveling are shaped that way.

I love talking to young travelers, listen to their dreams and hopes and plans for the future. I am so happy we have them, they are intelligent and bright and I know they will do good for this world.

Lovely evening. Great people.

Woke up when one of the guys was leaving. Good thing, don’t want to let this day to go to waste. Decided to go to that part of the beach where the locals go. Yesterday I had a walk here and ended up at a tiny place run by this wonderful woman for my morning coffee. She doesn’t speak english and I don’t speak balinese but we still managed to have some sort of conversation. I always enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by locals, watching their way of living their lives, listening to how they talk with one another. That is also a way of escaping the salesmen in the touristic areas. I can be me. I think this lady took a fancy on me. I think this was the first time I payed the same price as the locals for the coffee.

She smiled at me in that welcoming way when she saw me today. My favourite cafe away from home.

When I was approaching the beach today I noticed there were som many vehicles heading there. Then I saw all the people, the food stands, the merchandisers, the activity. Yes, today is sunday, this is where the locals go to relax, socialise.

It is eight o’clock in the morning.

Couples with or without children, groups of fiends, young and old and pets, and … Some sit in the shadow having breakfast, some just lye on the beach. But most hurry to get into the water. It is low tide and the water is not for swimming in. They just sit or lye there, in groups, talking, just enjoying. Sharing space with the fishing boats which comes very handy for the small children to hang on to or find shade behind. Men with fishing nets walking between the groups of people trying to find the best spot to spread the net. The fish they want you find when it is low tide.

Some people dig giant holes, lye in them and then cover themselves with sand.  This is some sort of physical therapy you find in parts of Asia. Some spa resorts have this but whit salt. It gets quite heavy but it feels extremely nice. As if you lie in a cocoon, a safe place.


This is the best place to be a sunday morning.

A couple my age approaches, greets me and we start talking. He lost his wife two years ago, used to work in the hotel business, now retired, here with his female friend he says blinking and laughing. I have a lot of girlfriends he says with that smile in his eyes. She is a hairdresser working in Denpasar, Yes, I need to see one soon, sorry you don’t work here in Sanur.

They leave, other people come and sit beside me.

People bring their scents and offerings to the beach, to the water, say some words, do some gestures, put their hands together in front of their forehead. Being grateful for the things we have.

I am grateful.