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Storytelling …

I am interested in storytelling. Combining photography and text into stories has become a passion I enjoy.

To me photography is not about which camera I use but about what I see and what I capture.

A few years ago I used to carry my DSLR camera and all the equipment imaginable. Camera, batteries, lenses, external hard drives, computer … Carrying 15 kilograms hurt my back, I constantly had to be aware of keeping it safe and all the other hustle about it.

More than 3 years ago I started using my mobile camera. Fellow photographers was a bit amused by the fact but we all got used to it eventually. Well at least some did. Others constantly had to discuss the pros with big cameras and the cons with mobile cameras. And of course there are differences. We all know that.

It is all about mastering the camera you do have in your hand ready to take photos with.

Traveling with my mobile camera is easy. We are a team. We never let go of each other. And by now we know what we can achieve.

I manage everything that has to do with my photos with my mobile. It includes taking the photo, editing it, posting it, sending it to be printed out and uploading it to the cloud as backup.

One day I was contacted by, a photo agent specialised in mobile photography. They had shortlisted some of my photos  for their joined contest with Only Mobile Art Magazine. The winner will be featured in the May paper version. What made me most happy about this is that the contest is about storytelling. Mine is called Sagaing, the religious city of nuns and monks. Apart from me there were five other photographers shortlisted for the contest. It is all very exiting.

For now, some of my photos are up for sale on and more are going to be uploaded.

Quite often I get requests on prints of my photos. Inbox me for fine art print requests or visit