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Speak up …

This post has very little to do with my forthcoming journey but I needed to get this out of my system.

In less than a month there is The election in the US. I haven’t followed the circus on regular bases but sometimes I read the headlines. We have all heard and read about the male participant. How could we not.

Lately there has been a lot of people, famous people like politicians from both parties, actresses and actors reacting against this male participant. They are all afraid what would happen if he became their president.

For years the entertainment industry has used this persons disgusting way of treating people as entertainment, him constantly showing bad manners towards both women and men, putting him in the headlight without ever thinking of how he affected other people, showing that the only thing that matters is Money. No one ever questioned it because they profited big bucks and called it entertainment. Back then no one stood up and said This is not ok. And the viewers were entertained. Now the good samaritans are here to tell us how bad this persons is for us. Now the viewers are not as humored.

Back then, what if people had looked out for each other back, raised  their voices together, stood up for each other. Back then. What if.

Why do we still forget that one person is not stronger than all of us together unless we let him, unless we give him that power by just being quiet.

Take measures when you see the first signs of the volcano waking up. Don’t wait until it erupts.

Don’t be quiet. Speak up.