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Single and traveling …

Over this past month I have met a lot of people with whom I have had the pleasure to have interesting conversations with. We have talked about more or less everything. Religion, politics, traveling, differences, gender issues, children, choisesXXX one makes … To sum it up, we had converstions on the topic Life.

Most people staying in hostels are much younger than I am. People my age tend to go for the more comfortable and of course more expensive accommodations. But I like spending time with these young people. I love listening to what plans they have, dreams they want to pursue, talks about relationships and babies, but also lots  of thoughts on traveling and differences in our lives, people involved in different organisations  for a better world and inviorment, how to get a job in Australia, go to that place in Laos …. They are bright and just so lovable. And I am happy they will be in charge or our world one day because I trust their judgment.

Anyway, two days ago I had a long conversation with a very lovely Monika from the Check Republic. She is a digital nomad traveling with her partner Jan who is a free diver. Monika and I talked about everything you can imagine, one of those talks where two people ask each other questions and both give each other that beautiful gift of listening to one another’s answers. Listening and reflecting.

Suddenly she asks me if I could consider a partner, a man, being in a relationship.


One of my first reactions was that having a partner while traveling would make some situations easier. Like when I want to bye a ticket for the bus, stand in front of the cashier and say One ticket to xxx while showing one finger emphasising and you get the question Two? Then I could say, Yes, two because I have a partner. Now I don’t have a partner and I always have to say No, one.

Could I consider being in a relationship.

Of course I could. But it all depends on the partner and the relationship. It probably wouldn’t work if my partner wanted to stay in  resorts never leaving the place, or if his biggest interes were to sit in a bar drinking bear whole night, or if I said Can we go look over there and he said No (true story). No, that wouldn’t work.

Her question made me think that perhaps this is how some people see me or my way of traveling. Single middle aged woman fearing relationships.

The truth is that I want to see more, explore this world more than I have and I can’t sit at home waiting for the next person who would like to do sort of the same kind of journey. If there is anybody interested in sharing and contributing they are free to tag along. I would enjoy the company. And as my dear frien Sara said before I left home What if you fall in love and never come back? Well if that is the worst thing that could happen to me during this journey, bring it on!

Trust me, I am perfectly fine on my own. But never alone.

2 thoughts on “Single and traveling …

  1. Wow vad häftigt att följa din resa!

    All lycka / Julia från Kum Nye Yoga

  2. Men, hej Julia, vad roligt att du följer mig. Hoppas allt är bra med dig. Hälsa alla från mig nästa gång. Allt gott och varma kramar

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