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Singapore …

Well Hello Singapore! I can’t blame everything on you, I have to take some of the blame on me. I forgive you!

I arrived yesterday afternoon by bus from Kuala Lumpur. Good ride, comfy bus, all good. Bus stoped 3 blocks from the hostel. I know, well done me. Arab Street. Sounds nice. Turns out this is probably the most touristic area I have ever been to. I never seek out these places so I was a bit in a chock. Felt an instinct to leave, run away. I did force myself to go for a walk, see if it was really that bad. More or less yes. Except for that I was dragged in to see a fashion show.


Authentic wedding clothes with a modernised twist. Indeed, they are extremely beautiful and I had a good time. So, as the grown woman I am I took charge of myself and decided to se what would happen today, got some sleep and ta da …. this morning I felt on top of things again.

Slept in, had coffee, talked to a swiss young woman who had been to Nepal for 5 weeks /impressive/, and to 2 young swedish girls who had been on the road for two months heading Australia with a work and travel visa.

I decided to go to the Marina. They are never a disappointment and usually a bit cooler. On my way there I saw this amazing building. This complex is occupying 250 workers and have so for the past 3 years. It is a masterpiece in a way, the part sticking out on the left hand building is measuring 25 meter out without any support. The apartments are sold out, the cost range 2.5-3 million Singapore dollars. You can do the math. I had the privilege talking to one of the engineers on site. Crazy world.


It is quite easy finding ones way around when walking. Even though sometimes the walking lane just disappears and one has to cross the street. You don’t cross the street when red light. Nobody does. Just the opposite in Kuala Lumpur. And in many other cities for that mater. People wait patiently for green light. After a bit of cross crossing I finally reached the marina.

Everything here is huge. The marina no exception. A lot of green areas, nice walking lanes, lots of cafes and restaurants and many open spaces. For being a big city Singapore offers nice recreational areas.

Next place I went to was Gardens By The Bay South. This place is awesomen. Don’t miss out on it if you ever get to Singapore.


From there I walked to Marina Bay Sands. That building has a big wow factor. Awesome architecture, beautiful light and the facade you can just let yourself get hypnotised by.


These were the highlights of my day. Good day. Oh, I forgot to tell about the wedding. So beautiful bride and groom I could have taken them with me as mascots.


I’m leaving the hostel 5.30 am tomorrow. It is going to be a long day since I decided not to stay in Jakarta but if possible keep on moving.

Tomorrow is a new day with new exciting experiences waiting for me.