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Sick in Hanoi …

I arrived to Hanoi 29 April. It had been a rough journey to get here and I was feeling very tied. I took a nap, went for a walk, slept a full night and several hours next day, full nights sleep again and that is when it happened.

I got a realy bad cold. This is so unlike me and how my body works. I am usually not affected, I don’t get sick. I am strong. But this is the second time during my now six months travel I get realy bad. There is only one explanation. I have pushed too hard. So what to do but rest.

This meant staying in bed a lot, catching up on sleeping and occasionally walking around the block to get some food. There most people Ive met have been travelers at the hostel or people I happened to meet at cafes or restaurants. Apart from my neighbourhood I haven’t seen anything of Hanoi. Might sound boring but I’ve become a regular at a couple places and that turned out to be a good thing. I will tell you about some of the amazing people I’ve met.

Sitting outside a cafe, because I only managed 500 meters walking, enjoying a ginger tea suddenly there comes a young lady. She starts looking at the fishes in the aquarium behind me. I couldn’t resist talking to this 4 year beauty. And there came her father. Alan and Lyra are on their way to meet wife/mother but took the time to sit drown and join me. We had the most inspiring and fun conversation I had in a very long time. They live in Ho Chi Min city and I have n invitation to visit when I get there. See you soon Alan, Lyra and smart wife. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Corentin Chailleux is a 23 year young man from French Caledonia He he’s been on the road for three and a half years. Such an inspiring man. Currently he is traveling with a Frenchman going to the northern parts of Vietnam on motorbike. To stay on the road for such a long time he has been doing WorkAway and Woofing and anything else you can imagine in exchange for a meal or two and accommodation. An impressive and wise young man. We talked about life, boxes, how we don’t have to be in boxes, karma and much much more. Bon voyage Corentin, you are an inspiration.

I wake up early in the mornings. Annoying but just to accept. So I sneak out of the dorm and go to my morning cafe at 6 am. The lady knows how I want my coffe now so I just have to say Good Morning and there it comes. At 7 am this beautiful couple arrives on their motorbike. He is 72 and she 60 something. Usually they bring some sort of breakfast to have with the tea they order. She speaks no english, he knows like 20 words. And still we have had wonderful conversations. Every day they order tea and always serve me a cup. So there we sit, talk and drink tea. This morning they brought breakfast for me too. We showed each other photos of our grandchildren, their grandchildren, we took selfies and everyone was looking at me when I tasted the Vietnamese breakfast. Thumbs up and everyone at the cafe smiled applauded in relief. Thank you Mr and Mrs for making my mornings so enjoyable.

Suddenly being sick turned into a pleasant happening. Thank you Hanoi for making these people come my way.


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  1. Get well soon special lady. xxx

  2. Fina människor du möter! ?

  3. Thank you so much for your love Kay!

  4. Ja verkligen så Lotta. Världen är full av dem.

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