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Rewarding encounter …

Today I met with a new friend. Jeanette Niemi is a writer and digital nomad. Such an inspiring person.

This is one of the most rewarding parts with traveling. In general there is an amazing generosity between travelers. Not only with the tips and tricks to manage on how to manage on the road but also in Hey, lets meet. So we met Jeanette and I. And we talked. Boy did we talk, exchanging thoughts. How inspiring.

It was nice to talk to a person closer to my age. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy spending time with the young people at the hostel. They are bright, well read, well educated, well traveled and I have loads of fun with them. I learn from them, I like them a lot. But talking to a person close to me in age and same gender is different. Different good.

Since this was the first time we met we sort of had to make a quick introduction of ourselves. She told her story, I told mine. While telling my story I realised I was listening to what I was saying. You know the difference between talking to yourself in your head and saying the same thing out loud. My friend Sara told me that when she has a problem to solve she always stand in front of a mirror and tells the image in the mirror of her problem. The essence of the issue gets more clear and defined.

So I listened to my story and I realised I have done quite a journey. Not in miles and places but within. Little did I know that dessicions I made 10-15 years ago would take me to where I am today. I think this was the most important thing Jeanette and I agreed on.


We, us people, humans, we are in such a hurry when in comes to changes. Haven’t we all been to that new year party, telling each other about our new year resolutions, or at least thinking them. Tomorrow I will … And it is almost always about something that has to do with being a better person or a fitter body.

We seem to forget that change takes time and that the most valuable gift we can give ourselves is time to process the transition from here to there or from this to that.


Furthermore change require challenges. Obstacles and hurdles to conquer. Traveling is one way to achieve that. Not being too comfortable is a good thing.

Never staying too comfortable is rewarding.

Jeanette and I parted, wishing each other safe trips, good lives and I took a long walk back to the hostel with a smile on my face.