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Preparing the mind …

The one thing I’ve learned about life is that every change needs preparations. It’s not about making lists over things needed doing. It’s about preparing the mind and the thoughts for the change. Let’s say you decide to run New York marathon, in order to make it happen you will have give yourself the time to train your body for that physical challenge. Right? Right!

It’s the same technique you have to use when it comes to your mind. You have to work out, try new thoughts, think them again, challenge the thoughts in action, stumble, get up and try again. It’s hard work, but I believe it’s rewarding in the sense of inner peace. Let’s get back on that.

My preparations probably started when I was teenager. The thought of exploring what was on the other side has always intrigued me. At 18 I found myself a position as au pair in the Netherlands. I remember telling my mother about it in excitement. Her response to me was I don’t think you should go because I don’t think you will cope. I wasn’t sure if my mother was wright, mothers are not always right, but her comment made me hesitate and question my ability. So I didn’t go to The Netherlands, I didn’t try bein au pair, I didn’t go traveling. But I left home.

So with that upbringing it took me 40 years of working out my brain to get where I am today. Trust me, there are no shortcuts. I stopped reading those books about how to help myself ages ago. And if you really want to read any of those choose one, read that one and forget about the rest. Then proceed to training your thoughts, every single day, and follow it up with tiny exercises. At first the new will feel odd but give it a good couple of weeks practicing the same thought and then look back. You’ll see the change and you’ll be proud of yourself. Be proud of yourself.

Over the years I’ve challenged myself in a lot of different ways. It has never been about showing off or proving anything to someone else. It has always been about me. Me, my curiosity, overcoming my own fears, challenging my abilities, my strengths and above all my weaknesses.

I attended a webinar today, listening to Anna Åberg, a Swedish digital nomad and guru. Even though she has succeeded and has nothing to prove to anybody she talked about those inner fears. Yes, we all have them. Wether we are at the top or on our way there. The most important thing is not to let those fears restrain you from trying.

Not trying is a failure. Trying and not making it leaves you with one more experience.

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  1. It’s very difficult to prepare our minds to do radical changes. It takes a lot of inner power. Be different, think different, act diferently… We must be prepared to try hard and to fight some batlles… But that is life, a batlle a day… Some days are harder than others, but when we do what we want, the reward will come sooner or later… As you said we just must try!

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