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Precious pieces …

Yesterday I took a day off from planing and preparing. The temperature has decreased dramatically the past few days from flip flop weather to boots and mittens weather. But it’s beautiful outside with all these autumnish colours. So I took a stroll and ended up at the Museum of Gothenburg. One can spend hours here getting to know about the history of the city but also the present and what is planned for its future.

I’m on my way out when I see the text Precious Pieces. There are also small pieces of paper on which people has written down their own precious pieces. My body, my friends, my cat …

Makes me happy that most people think of their family, friends and pets as their most precious things. When we travel we tend to bring things that will remind us of the people who can’t be with us. In the 19th century when Sweden famished people left for USA. One of Swedens national poets wrote about it and in one of his books describes how a woman brought seeds from an apple tree. That was her precious pieces.

I am extremely lucky to be privileged with things like education, health care, parental leave and a lot of other things. Today I am also privileged with being able to stay in touch with the people dearest to me because of technology. I love technology.

Apart from the obvious ways of staying in touch through social media I recently found the app FireChat. What’s unique about FireChat is that it also works when there is no Internet connection or cellular phone coverage.

Technology will help me stay in touch with Mine Precious Pieces.