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Emotions …

Some days are more trying than others. It is getting emotional.

I am a week away from leaving. Friends are calling, realizing this is the last time in a long time we are going to meet in person. To have the confidential talk, to share, like a gift to bring on the journey, like a gift to keep like a treasure while  I am away.

7 more days. I am a bit worn out.

It affects me more than I want, watching my home dismantled, piece by piece, clothes are folded, personal belongings packed, colors canvases and brushes, projects I have started but never finished, projects finished looked at them with the evaluating eye, packing, up and down, opening the padlock, stacking my belongings in the storage. I love my home. I love traveling.

This makes me think of things we own and the human desire to collect. We all love to have beautiful things or things that holds a story valuable to us. My friends and people who know me, wouldn’t define me as a collector. I don’t have a lot. But the things I own are precious to me and I look at them every day. I have walked the downsizing road and I wouldn’t want to go back. Downsizing has given me an inner peace.

And yet I found a lot of things I really do not need while packing. The closest second hand store, Emmaus, is a brilliant place. Gives me so much satisfaction knowing my things will do good to others. This is something everybody should do once a year. Go through your stuff once a year and be really honest with your selves when you think Do I really need this … If not, let someone else have it, donate, let the next person enjoy it. But above all, don’t buy something new to fills that hole. Instead try to enjoy the space. And remember, the less things we own the less time we need to put in to maintenance.

Today I remembered when I was i 8th grade. I was in to performing, mostly dancing and singing. I used to choreograph and I performed either solo or together with friends. The worst moment was just before I entered the stage. The best moments were the once on stage. When things were put into motion, when the only thing I could do was to do what I had started.

This last week will probably be the worst. Dismantling my home and saying goodbye to the once I love. It is going to be the most challenging and emotional week this year.

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Speak up …

This post has very little to do with my forthcoming journey but I needed to get this out of my system.

In less than a month there is The election in the US. I haven’t followed the circus on regular bases but sometimes I read the headlines. We have all heard and read about the male participant. How could we not.

Lately there has been a lot of people, famous people like politicians from both parties, actresses and actors reacting against this male participant. They are all afraid what would happen if he became their president.

For years the entertainment industry has used this persons disgusting way of treating people as entertainment, him constantly showing bad manners towards both women and men, putting him in the headlight without ever thinking of how he affected other people, showing that the only thing that matters is Money. No one ever questioned it because they profited big bucks and called it entertainment. Back then no one stood up and said This is not ok. And the viewers were entertained. Now the good samaritans are here to tell us how bad this persons is for us. Now the viewers are not as humored.

Back then, what if people had looked out for each other back, raised  their voices together, stood up for each other. Back then. What if.

Why do we still forget that one person is not stronger than all of us together unless we let him, unless we give him that power by just being quiet.

Take measures when you see the first signs of the volcano waking up. Don’t wait until it erupts.

Don’t be quiet. Speak up.



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Testosterone …

This is the best thing about being a woman in menopause. What is you ask. Everything is I say.

The two guys I wrote about the other day, in the post about reducing energy losses, one of them said one thing, and the only thing, I can agree with him on. He said women in menopause laugh more, they are not easily offended and they are interesting. I know!!! We are great!

We get more outgoing, we start traveling, we just want to live our lives to the fullest and we do that. As much as possible. Of course there are practical reasons behind this new way of living our lives. Kids are all grown up and most likely moved out of the house, we have a career of our own and don’t need the husbands money, in case we have a husband or partner which nowadays is optional, and hopefully we have our estrogen patches to take care of the hot flushes.

Other benefits are loosing the ability of constantly keeping our opinions to ourselves, not bothering about what other people will think of us and gaining the the feeling of I can do anything.

I met a friend today and we talked about life, obstacles we have overcome and in general how good it is to be where we are. Just to clarify, that doesn’t mean our lives are perfect. But life is better, easier in a sense.

That is because of the testosterone. We get a higher level of testosterone than we used to.

Some of my female friends wish they could go back to being young again because they thing they looked better then. I wish I could stay in menopause longer. Menopause probably helped me to make decision that I most likely wouldn’t have done when I was young. And yes, I laugh more, I know my value and I care more about decisions I take concerning my life.

My life, my way.

The photo above is from when me and the most beautiful person I know, my person, my dearest friend and extra daughter Sara, went paragliding.

With love xxx


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Bodyguards and superheroes …


I don’t envy young people of today. There are so much stress put on their shoulders. Social media and the ad industry overload us all with headlines that makes me shiver. You’ll regret it if you haven’t done these 30 things before 30, 19 things to do before you turn 20, 6 ways to get the perfect body, 4 ways to succeed in your life, how to have perfect skin. Etcetera …

And of course there are these stars to look up to. The stars that guide us into this world of success and wealth and looks. When the focus in on owning a luxurious handbag and having the perfect look, the perfect house and the perfect children. As if a newborn cares if it is sleeping a perfectly decorated nursery.

Today I saw the headline to an article published at The Guardian about bodyguards, one bodyguard in particular and how the security industry is booming. And it made me so sad. The story about and photo of poor, poor like in feel sorry for, Kim Kardashian not being able to have a walk on her own, Michael Jakson that needed to be smuggled out in a room/service trolley, or when the bodyguard let himself be beaten up to protect a particularly stylish and flamboyant fur coat from being stolen.

To be perfectly honest I would never ever trade my life for any of theirs. This is one of the special gifts with being a human alive. That I can choose to walk where ever I want to. I can stroll through the streets and nobody cares or take a walk in the park, just me. What a gift that is. That is what Michelle Obama is longing for I read in a interview.

Read about The Fuller Cut barbershop in Ypsilanti, Michigan that gives $2 discounts to kids who read books aloud to their barbers while they’re getting their hair done. That man doesn’t need a bodyguard but he deserves applause.

I have my superheroes.




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I don’t get the Google love …


Ok, so I have posted 13 posts on this blog. I built it with WordPress and there are a lot of plugins and widgets you can add to customize your space. Which is a good thing of course. Well, you have seen and read some of my posts and you know what it looks like.

Anyway, I live quite a simple life. I don’t own a lot of things, my apartment is a rental one and small,  I try to be a good citizen, I recycle as much as possible, I try to be a good person and I sure try to watch my language. I am a good person. At least my mother would agree. But I hate commercials. There are some I have liked. Like Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s humoring us. Watch it with english subtitles.

So, back to this blog. I decided to use the plugin Google AdSense. A lot of blogs use   that plugin.  So for once I wanted to do as probably most bloggers. I never thought Google would object to my blog and its content but that is exactly what happened. The reasons for it made me a bit confused.

  • Make sure there are enough text on your page. /So I need to write more text. Probably doesn’t matter about what.
  • The content needs to contain whole sentences and paragraphs and not only headers. /I think there is a check on that.
  • Make sure your webpage is up and working /There is definitely a check on that.

So to me and you all reading this, I’m just saying, we are in big trouble. Because Google apparently can’t recognize either full sentences nor paragraphs. But don’t despair. This blog will live on without Google AdSenses.

Stay tuned.