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Bodyguards and superheroes …


I don’t envy young people of today. There are so much stress put on their shoulders. Social media and the ad industry overload us all with headlines that makes me shiver. You’ll regret it if you haven’t done these 30 things before 30, 19 things to do before you turn 20, 6 ways to get the perfect body, 4 ways to succeed in your life, how to have perfect skin. Etcetera …

And of course there are these stars to look up to. The stars that guide us into this world of success and wealth and looks. When the focus in on owning a luxurious handbag and having the perfect look, the perfect house and the perfect children. As if a newborn cares if it is sleeping a perfectly decorated nursery.

Today I saw the headline to an article published at The Guardian about bodyguards, one bodyguard in particular and how the security industry is booming. And it made me so sad. The story about and photo of poor, poor like in feel sorry for, Kim Kardashian not being able to have a walk on her own, Michael Jakson that needed to be smuggled out in a room/service trolley, or when the bodyguard let himself be beaten up to protect a particularly stylish and flamboyant fur coat from being stolen.

To be perfectly honest I would never ever trade my life for any of theirs. This is one of the special gifts with being a human alive. That I can choose to walk where ever I want to. I can stroll through the streets and nobody cares or take a walk in the park, just me. What a gift that is. That is what Michelle Obama is longing for I read in a interview.

Read about The Fuller Cut barbershop in Ypsilanti, Michigan that gives $2 discounts to kids who read books aloud to their barbers while they’re getting their hair done. That man doesn’t need a bodyguard but he deserves applause.

I have my superheroes.




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I don’t get the Google love …


Ok, so I have posted 13 posts on this blog. I built it with WordPress and there are a lot of plugins and widgets you can add to customize your space. Which is a good thing of course. Well, you have seen and read some of my posts and you know what it looks like.

Anyway, I live quite a simple life. I don’t own a lot of things, my apartment is a rental one and small,  I try to be a good citizen, I recycle as much as possible, I try to be a good person and I sure try to watch my language. I am a good person. At least my mother would agree. But I hate commercials. There are some I have liked. Like Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s humoring us. Watch it with english subtitles.

So, back to this blog. I decided to use the plugin Google AdSense. A lot of blogs use   that plugin.  So for once I wanted to do as probably most bloggers. I never thought Google would object to my blog and its content but that is exactly what happened. The reasons for it made me a bit confused.

  • Make sure there are enough text on your page. /So I need to write more text. Probably doesn’t matter about what.
  • The content needs to contain whole sentences and paragraphs and not only headers. /I think there is a check on that.
  • Make sure your webpage is up and working /There is definitely a check on that.

So to me and you all reading this, I’m just saying, we are in big trouble. Because Google apparently can’t recognize either full sentences nor paragraphs. But don’t despair. This blog will live on without Google AdSenses.

Stay tuned.


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Reducing energy losses …

Today I had a coffee at my favorite place. I was sitting by the window watching  people, dogs and cars passing by, just minding myself, if it wasn’t for the guys sitting next to me. It was impossible not overhearing their conversation.

Couple of days ago I read an article in swedish about how complaining affects your brain. And that is not in a good way. Here you find another one in english. I thought of this article while listening to these guys.

Complaining is a good thing. If you lose your job, can’t find somewhere to live or if you are in constant pain then you need to let some steam out. But there are some people to which complaining is a way of living, a bad habit. By repeating this bad habit you also repeat and enforce negative thought in your brain and spending time in a negative spiral instead of channeling that power into something more productive. Some scientist say that by constantly being frustrated the brain will be exposed to the hormone cortisol and adrenalin which eventually will harm that area in the brain.

Things change, life changes, nothing stays the same. So why do we get so upset over things we can not control and why do we find it so difficult to adapt to changes.  Putting that energy into positive thinking.

Where ever I go and what ever I do I always keep my mobile in my hand. The only reason is that it is also my camera. The best camera is the one you carry and keep ready in case there is something interesting to take a photo of. So I bumped into one of my friends the other day, we talked briefly, me leaving soon, and my friend asked me What if your mobile gets stolen. The day after I thought of that question and to me, there is only one right answer. Shit happens, deal with it.

That is probably one of the most important inner tools I need to bring along on my journey. Obstacles will occur, no doubt about that. It is about how to approach them, how to handle them and how much of my energy I will let them consume.

Reducing energy losses starts with empowering yourself.


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Love and questions …

Yesterday I attended a lecture about The Chemistry Of Love. Anna-Lena Ström, associate professor in Neurochemistry at Stockholm University holding the lecture, told us that love is pretty much all about chemistry.

There are tre independent components involved in love. Lust, Romantic love and Pairing. So these three components can occurs alone or combined with one or both other components. Pairing for instance occurs between friends. You can love your friends without feeling lust or being romantically in love with them. Ok, so you get the picture.

Ms Ström told us a lot about research in this field. On animals and on humans. Fascinating how far technology has come. Now they can send proteins into the brain and when a feeling occurs the protein will glow and the scientists can see exactly where the feeling occurs.

The chemical thing starts in the Hypothalamus. That is the caveman brain. One of the parts in our bodies we can not control. Chemistry.

So, what happens to us when chemistry hits the intelligent human being and why am I writing about love. Because life is full of different kind of love wherever we are. Friends, lovers, places, pets, hobbies, strangers … Because when chemistry isn’t there to help we need to find other ways to maintain the love. Like respect, trust, compassion and a lot of other important words.

We fall in love, we spent time together and we get to know each other. Or do we know each other?

The best way to check if you still know the person you love is to ask questions. How are you, What are you thinking of, What are your thoughts on this or that. In stead of saying You were the one who stoped calling me, ask the question Why did you stop calling me. That will give you answers worth listening to.

Asking questions is a respectful way of getting to know a person. Asking questions is an action of love if asked because you really want to hear the answer. That is applicable to all sorts of relationships. At home or away.

Ask questions if you are prepared to listen to the answers and you will not only get to know that person. You will also get to know yourself better.

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Connected …

Yesterday I had a friend over. She is a dedicated traveler and has been for many years, she has lived and worked abroad so naturally we did talk a lot about travelling. We also talked about more practical issues when traveling. She had read my post about How To Carry My Belongings so we talked about that and discussed pros and cons and how much stuff one needs when traveling for a longer period of time.

The world has changed in a huge way since my friend and I were young. Most of my friends bought these Interrail Passes and traveled through Europe or just got to Berlin and partying weeks in a row. So when they were out of money they had to telegraph their parents begging them for help. Parents then wired money to their precious kids and the kids at best continued traveling or partying. And that was probably the only time the parents heard from their beloved children. Making a call back then could be both difficult and expensive. Europe then was divided into east and west and there were countries phoning from could take days. Ordering a phone call, then you hade to wait for the operator to find a free line, and there were always someone who had the money to bribe the operator and then you hade to wait for hours again. Exhausting.

Today we seem to be constantly connected, for good and bad. The good is that I, as a single traveler, never have to feel alone. I can talk to my loved ones when ever we want. That also gives some sense of security them knowing where in the world I am, in case of emergency. I can easily find information about places I’m going to or getting info from friends on where to stay or what to see. I don’t have to carry these paper maps any more since offline maps with gps are so handy to have in my phone. I can share my experiences through my blog and I can read others.

The bad is that when I am back home all my friends already knows what I have seen and where I have been. Not like back in the days when we got together to listen to the stories and adventures the traveler had been through and experienced.

To sum it up I find there are more good than bad with technology of today and how that keeps us connected. Connected to each other. Even Edward Snowden can travel the world nowadays using technology in a genius way. He is attending Ted Talks and seminars that way. I love these new solutions on staying connected.

After 10 posts on this blog I have readers from 10 different countries. In the end it is all about connecting people and sharing stories. Sharing stories is good. Follow mine and please feel free to share yours.