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One night in George Town …

Doesn’t that sound like a song title, One night in George Town … And what happens there, stays there.

I wish something that interesting had happened last night. Apart from being quite exhausted after being awake for 34 hours I was neither very patient nor cheerful. Just very tired.  This is when my inner strength was tested.

When thy guy at the hostel tells me I have to wait for 4 hours to check in. When he questions what is so special with my small bag since I can’t leave it in the common area. When it is raining but I need to be walking around not to fall asleep.

Sleep deprivation is a travelers worst enemie. Even though I tried to sleep at the airport, on the airplain and in between, I didn’t get enough. And that is when the not very thought through are made. That’s when the mistakes are made. This time nothing serious happened.

When I finally checked in I just went to bed and fell asleep. Woke up 5 hours later, had a shower, went for food, got back and fell asleep. The only thing I noticed was this lady, standing inside a restaurant singing karaoke. Her voice was very shrill and the men sitting outside looking very bored.

Suddenly I felt a bit refreshed. At least I wasn’t boring anyone.

One night in George Town.