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On my own, never alone …

A couple of years ago I was on a date. That sort of date when you quite soon realise you are not a match but you don’t want to be rude so you stay and try to make that conversation. You start of with how was your day, what do you do in your spare time, any hobbies, traveling … Yes, I love traveling. Where have you been and who did you go with. That’s when I reply Well, I mostly travel on my own. The guy gives me a shake on his head, as in disgust, and says he is too much of the social type to travel alone.

There is a clear distinction between traveling on my own and traveling alone.

When traveling you are alone at times. Wether you travel together with somebody or on you own. Of course you are. That’s how life works. Sometimes you are alone. Unless you are in a relationship and your kids are 1, 2 and 4, then you always wish you could have some alone time. Some times you are alone but you get over it.

When traveling on your own you’re more ‘available’. Easier to get in contact with. Easier to get to know other travelers and locals. And you don’t have to argue with your co-traveler about where to go next or where to have your next meal. No outbursts, no shouting, no drama.

On the other hand you are the only one to look after yourself, the only one to watch your back, the only one to find your way.

There are always pros and cons. As with everything we do in life.

I’ve traveled 35 countries and I’ve never been alone unless I wanted to. That’s for sure. Is that because I’m the most sociable person on earth? Deep down inside I’m a social introvert that has discovered that people around the world in general are being very friendly. People are friendly and nice and open minded. No matter if you speak their language or not. If you start out in a polite way, being genuinely kind in your appearance then they will treat you the same way. And then you’ll never be alone.

You are never alone.

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  1. True! Unfortunately not all discovered that…

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