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Now what …

A friend of mine sent me a comment on one of mine blogposts.

Do you want to come back or would you like to continue the journey and delay your return to a further date? Is it the date that was decided at first before departure that is closing slowly this chapter and conscious, unconscious preparing yourself to another?


I have decided to extend my traveling.

I had to make that decision six months ago. The original plan was to travel for one year but then my tenant decided to leave early and I had to make a decision. Go back home or extend.

31 january 2019.

That is the date when I have to be back home. Yes, it is crazy, insane and totally mind blowing, knowing that I still have lots of time for this adventure.

August 2018 I will be celebrating my 60th birthday, and that I will do somewhere far away from home. It’s not yet decided where. Therefor I am formally inviting my friends to come and share that moment with me. So start planning and saving up, it’s going to be awesome! You have any suggestions on where?

I’ve spent almost one year in Asia. Now I just arrived to Mexico. Let’s see what this continent has to offer.


4 thoughts on “Now what …

  1. Wohoo! ❤️

  2. ❤️

  3. Just marvelous! Thank you for answering my question. Will continue following your brackets that you share. So good to know you are doing good. Please take good care! Warm hug and thoughts XX

  4. Thank you Francine for asking. Lots of hugs back and glad you are with me on this journey.

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