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Nomad …

I arrived to Langkawi yesterday. Ok, so I was a bit tired and I have been feeling a bit off. Have had a headache for the past 4-5 days. No wonder, I have been sharing room, bathroom, toilets, common rooms and almost everything else for the past more than two months. One of my room mates i Ipoh was truly sick coughing, sneezing and other things you don’t want to know of. I am surprised I haven’t gon sick. Sicker.

So, I went for a walk, hoping to find the good vibes of Langkawi. Nothing. Today I moved to the next place, went for a walk to find the vibes. Nothing. The taxi-guy was difficult, the staff at the hostel was supposed to let me in earlier, no one was there, difficult. Everything about Langkawi has been like climbing uphill while raining cats and dogs.

And then I get a message from a friend from home, Are you coming to Thailand sometimes soon? We have a talk and I decide to go.

This is what a nomad does, right? Roaming about for pasture. My pasture is the one that nourishes my soul and that gives me a good gut feeling.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Thailand. Sorry Malaysia, we didn’t hit it off. No sparks, no love, no infatuation.

Tomorrow is a new day for this nomad.