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New Years Resolution …

The old is at an end. The new is awaiting. The road to …

The old, the used, the well known. All that gives us some sort of security. The old habits, whether we like them or now, gives us the illusion of security. Because the human being is  an animal of habits. We don’t change easily. Yet we give these new year resolutions so much thought, and we chose them wisely. Some of us consult others to tell us which way to go, some let the stars tell us the direction, some put their faith in God to lead them. There are probably as many ways to decide how to do in the future as there are stars in the sky.

On the planet Earth we live our lives under different calendars and the one thing that units us is that we all believe something good and hopefully better will happen next year. Next year. Tomorrow.

The funny thing is that there is a tomorrow every day. So why wait until the calendar says it is time for the new to come into my life. Why do we all wait for the last day of the year to end before we can start living our new life. Why don’t we see every day as the day to empower ourselves.

My 2016 was more of a rollercoaster than being a year. It started with me being exhausted from working too much, putting too much energy into  friends and co-workers, taking care of everyone around me but myself. I was looking for a spot to go scuba diving but found something else.

I went to Kenya and worked as a volunteer in the village Lunga Lunga. I had the privilege to work in the Nikumbuke Project that provides women in all ages with education. Visiting these women in the remote areas around Lunga Lunga, riding motorbikes to their schools, having the chance to talk to them about being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a woman, a human being. That made a great impact on me. I will always remember these women. I think they gave me more and thought me more than I can ever be able to offer them.

My mother passed away 2015. There were paperwork to do, taxes to be payed, practicalities to se to during 2016. One day all that was done. Suddenly I found myself being the eldest in my family tree.

I remember my mother as a very sharp, interested and curious person. She wanted to see places, meet people. But never did. After she passed away I realised she was scared. Scared of the unknown. She always stopped herself from doing things. Always blaming my father for not wanting to go with her.

One day I surprised myself with actually telling my boss I was quitting my job. No, I hadn’t found myself another one, I would travel. Everyone around me was chocked and most of the questions was the obviously practicle ones. What would I do when I came back. And my answer was all the same.

I don’t know. But I will work it out.

So what have I learned so far.

Two months have passed since I left. The biggest plan I had was to not plan and that has turned out to be the best plan ever.  Not planing has made me more flexible.  Flexibility has made me see opportunities I most likely would have missed if I had a plan I constantly had to pursue.

Trust myself
Life has thought me that words said have different meanings to us, they can be false or even deceiving. How people behave towards me gives me a better measurement on whether I will trust them or not.

Say Yes
Saying Yes is saying yes to Life. If chances are given, take them. Say yes to new experiences and to new people. Say YES.

People are good
Generosity, curiosity and a smile will get you far. Say thank you often. Be generous with helping if you can without expecting anything in return. Be good and you will receive good.

Life is like a maze. We never know what will be revealed around the corner. That’s how life is to us all.

The difference is how we deal with the hurdles presented to us. If we just give up or if we brush ourselves off, stand up and find a way to deal with it. Flexibility, my gut feeling and my smile has taken me this far and it has all been good. So I guess I will stay on this track for a while more.

My New Years Resolution will be to continue embracing life.

I wish you all a Happy New Tomorrow.

with love

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