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New Years Eve …

I decided to go back to Bangkok for the Chinese New Year celebrations. This is my first so I’m very excited about it.

Finding a place to stay is easy. But finding a cheap good place to stay is difficult. Usually I book for one nigh, go there, check if the bed smells ok, look for the absence of bed bugs, how clean is the place, listed to the vibes and the decide wether I should stay or not.

This time I decided to book for the whole stay. Believe me, I was a bit nervous before I got there. Turns out The Backpack Hostel is perfect. Clean, well kept, modern, friendly staff, sort of like coming home. Last night I went to bed grateful for being so fortunate.

But the absolutely best thing about this place is its location.

Next to the food market.

At 6.30 am the place is already busy. The grills  in some of the food stalls are on the second batch, one is unpacking and preparing the stall, another selling her specialty, monks standing waiting for alms, a lady giving, another monk chanting, blessings, the old lady  wearing pyjamas passing, dog sitting outside his house looking at what is happening, offerings are put outside, smoke from the scents spreading, another pyjamas passing by, monks chanting, parents driving their children to school, deliveries, scooters and tuc tucs and bicycles and cars and pedestrians and pets sharing the space, food is carried to and from, more pyjamas. More of everything for every minute passing.

The city changes. From calm and dark night, people starting the day before first light to being the busy city Bangkok is. I enjoy that mee and my friend are the only foreigners visiting this market. People curiously looking at us, greeting with tiny nods and smiles.


I wish you a good morning from Bangkok on this Chinese New Year Eve of Rooster.