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My new home …

How long are you staying  Mathias asked me. I met this young German guy And his sister when we were waiting for the ferry to Ko Chang. Two weeks I said. I could see the big question mark in his face. Yes, two weeks can seem a long time, or very short. It all depends on where in your life you are.

I stayed at a hostel last night, Asia Backpackers, that could have been a good one hadn’t it been for the smell of mold that made me breath uneasy. Mold is to be expected when we use ‘modern’ mattresses into this humid environment.  When I walked the streets one early morning in Vientiane, Laos, I noticed that in every house they were sleeping on a rug on the floor. I would actually prefer that sort of arrangement instead of a moldy bed.

The southern part of this iceland is tranquil. Walking down the pier, actually it is a floating village, I found my home for the rest of the time here. Chill House is a beautiful place, a floating home, it has got exactly what I need right now. The view, hospitality, a room of my own, clean bathroom …. What more can a girl ask for.

Yesterday was a interesting day. As you know I have never done this sort of traveling before. I have traveled on my own but never for longer than 4 weeks in a row and never backpacked on my own in Asia. This is totally a new experience.

So to get here I had to take train 34 from Phaya Thai to Mo Chit, then buss 77 to Bangkok Bus Terminal Chatuchak,  there I  took the bus to the stop outside Trat where it says Taxi to Koh Chang Ferry, from there to Tha Thammachat Car Ferry Pier taking us to the Sapparot Pier in the northern part of Koh Chang and finally taxi to the Bang Bao area to check in at the hostel. 12 hours from door to door.


A lot of lessons learned for my future traveling. Well done me.

I have been on the road for exactly a week now and I have met some fellow travelers. Most are extremely kind and generous with sharing there experiences. Like these german siblings from yesterday. She had been traveling extensively backpacking on her own. 24 years old with lots and lots of experience and degree in hotel management, her brother 26 just finished his masters in chemistry now having a gap year before starting a different sort of life. And there is the other kind, mr know it all showing off and telling stories and the way of right and wrong. Of course his way is the right one. I prefere the more humble ones who actually learned something else from traveling apart from how to bargain.


Right now I am enjoying a glass of cold green tea and a cambodian desert my host treated me. He has been here working for a year, supporting his family back home, paying for his brother to go to school because he wants his brother to do better for himself.

With love