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My Christmas gift to You …

Today, 24 December 2017, I have been on the road exactly 14 months. That is a bit more than 420 days that I have spent in

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Sri Lanka

I had a brand new passport issued before I left Sweden and I have to get a new one soon since I’m running out of empty pages.

I’m not sure how many kilometres I have traveled on land but many for sure. Traveling as the locals do on busses and trains are the best way to travel. Flying is sometimes required because of visa regulations. Stupid rules, but existing rules so sometimes one has to go there.

A lot of people, both old and new friends have asked me a lot of questions and made many remarks about my traveling.

Have I been brave? I don’t know.
Have I been courageous? I couldn’t tell.
Have I been bold? Perhaps a bit.
Have I found myself? Didn’t have to. I brought myself along before I left Sweden.
Did I learn something about myself while being on the road for 14 months? Yes, I certainly did. I learned that

I don’t have time for bulshit
I am mentally strong
I can handle difficult situations
I am adaptable
I am genuine
I am capable
I know my boundaries
I don’t appreciate being told what I can or can’t do, should or shouldn’t do, because of my gender.
I don’t have time for bulshit.

So what does all this mean. Who am I? What sort of person have I become?

I am still me. The only difference is that some things have become more important to me and some less, and now I know why.

Money and wealth wasn’t important to me 14 months ago and that hasn’t changed. Now I know why.

Being at peace with myself. That has become more important to me, embodying the definition of happiness. Now I know why.

Today, on Christmas Eve, I want to gift you with my hopes and wishes for you all to

Be in Peace within Yourselves

Merry Christmas, With Love




4 thoughts on “My Christmas gift to You …

  1. Tack Madlén. Kloka ord och visa insikter. Känner igen mig. Vi reser mot Skåne om en stund. Allt gott till dig min vän. ❤❤❤

  2. well said dear friend!!
    though we briefly met in Istanbul
    I feel so close having “traveled” with you
    on your adventures!
    I also “ took “ you with me on my pilgrimage to Spain. Peace be with you
    and thank you for inspiring me to follow my dreams too!

  3. Tack själv Ny. Njut av helgerna. Massa kärlek till dig ❤️

  4. Thank you for your words Maryann, means a lot!

    Yes, once in a while we are all lucky to meet people with whom we connect in that special way. You are one of those. Grateful.

    Keep dreaming, keep making your dreams come true.

    All the best to you ?

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