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Luxury …

In my last post I told you about times when one is tested. The hard times. Because traveling is not just champagne and caviar. But sometimes it is.

The other day when I arrived to Taiping and had checked in to this beautiful hostel Sojourn Beds and Cafe my friend Alex told me she would pic me up one hour later. That meant I wouldn’t have time to do my laundry. Ken, the owner of the hostel told me that just around the corner there is a laundry lady and that she could have my laundry done just in a few hours. Wow, that would solve my problems since I will be leaving early next morning.

I have a quick shower, put my only clean piece on, put the clothes in my laundry bag and walk away to meet my saviour. The place is a bit difficult to find. Ken told me there should be a sign so I look for one. Turns out the sign is the tiniest one on the door. No wonder it was difficult finding. I ring the door bell and a beautiful Indian woman opens the door. No problem, I can pick up the laundry same time day after. But I’m leaving early in the morning, can I pic it up today, later? No no, not possible.

That means the only clean clothing I have, did have because I got all sweaty in two minutes, is the dress I am wearing. Panic. So I stand there and try to figure out how to fix this when she suddenly says Ok, you can pic it up 7 pm.

I love that lady, I do. I could have hugged to death right that moment. I pay 15 Ringgit and walk away being the happiest woman on earth.

I was even more happy next morning when I opened the plastic back containing my clean clothes. It felt like the most precious Christmas gift. Opening that bag sensing the smell of clean. I just stood there looking at my clean clothes as if I was in that imaginary walk in closet having difficulties choosing what to wear.

Traveling on a budget for a longer period of time makes you appreciate the little things in life. Like the smell of clean clothes, friendly people, bedbug and mould free accommodation, hot showers, a genuine good conversation …

Things that plants a smile on my face. I am so lucky.

I smile a lot.