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Love, mothers and spring …

There are a lot of things happening in Rishikesh now. Many festivals and celebrations of different sorts. Everything happening the two first weeks in Mars. I realise that the reason to that is the weather. Now it is sort of perfect, in between cold and hot, bearable in every way.

This place has become over crowded and I try to stay away from the crowds as much as possible. The atmosphere is different. The visitors are different. The chai place is crowded. Good for them, I really am happy for them since it means cache for the cold days. And I can hear I am not the only one feeling that way. I am trying to stay away from it all but I also want to see my friends, so I go and endure.

And as always I listen.

I listen to the couple next to me. Both in their mid-forties, him Indian her Russian or Eastern European. They are struggling. She is asking him questions and requiring to see photos on his Facebook profile, asking about this woman, that child, constantly doubting him in different ways. He is sighing, rolling his eyes, showing and explaining. She is still doubting, he is still trying, new issues, new questions and it so continues. I am confused. But most likely, so are they. They never asked for my advice but I know what I am thinking. If it is that much of an effort then it is not worth it.

Love can be so easy with some and so difficult with others.

There is a lot of love here in Rishikesh. Especially now when spring has arrived. I will give you today’s riddle. How do you know spring has arrived in Rishikesh. The coconut oil is now in the liquid form. But there are other signs too. In the morning I can hear birds sing outside. Early, before the daylight, they sit outside and talk to me while I stay in my bed and enjoy the performance.

The sun doesn’t set as early as it has previously and therefore the gat is more frequently visited in the evenings. The warmth is still bearable but soon we will get to a point when I will have to adjust my routines. Until now I have been doing my writing in the morning for between two to four hours. I light my candle, make myself a coffee, pile cushions and blankets and I am ready to start typing. I love my morning routine but if I want to see some of the daylight I will have to go for an early morning walk and write during the hottest hours of the day.

I also need to get some sort of summer wardrobe. I did get a dress, which I got a lot of compliments on, and it is a good thing it only takes 15 minutes for it to dry, but it would be nice to have one more item. To chock everyone around me.

Life in Rishikesh is Shanti Shanti at the moment but still eventful. Old friends have arrived, new ones have entered my life. I have become the mother to two young adult women. A fact to which I am very proud. When it comes to making a change in this world it doesn’t have to be in big complicated and costly ways. Having a conversation, an honest conversation about the not so easy questions, listening and reflecting, sharing thoughts and experiences, if that can inspire and encourage one person to peruse a dream or make a change in that persons life, then it is a big change.

Tomorrow is The International Women’s Day. But as my friend Ishaan said, shouldn’t every day be women’s day. Yes, it should. We will get there.