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Looks and Age …

Apart from the tattoo on your left hand, there is nothing that indicates you have one wild bone in your whole body.

Every day, several times a day, I go to the local chai stall. That is where locals and tourists, Indian and foreign, meet. This is the best place to be, my second home. I’ve told you about the owners previously so I won’t bore you with that again. But, yes, they are one of the main reasons why I still go there every day. Depending on the season and the weather I will probably start with something hot just after they open. Like ginger the or coffee. Then go back to where I’m staying, work for some time, shower and leave for the second visit before breakfast around 11. This time I will have chai. And I will probably have on on my way back home for a nap. And then again after my rest, socialising, food, chai stall again and once or twice before going back home to sleep. That is quite a few times I realise, and also the reason why I talk to so many people each day. 

Yesterday afternoon a group of people I already know were sitting there and they had the company of a younger man, perhaps 30+, who was new to me. I sensed good vibes from him. We were people watching and saw the Rajasthani male tourists with their gorgeous turbans passing by. One of the guy said, You could wear your shawl as a turban, let me show you how to wrap it around your head. So he did, and he looked amazing. No wonder, he has a very interesting and good looking face, with well groomed moustaches, a tiny goat beard, beautiful eyes and amazing long hair any woman would kill for. So he tells me a turban would look good on me. I  dismiss the whole idea with the joke I will have to grow my hear in that case. That is when the whole group starts talking about my looks and appearance. 

Calm, composed, regal and sophisticated were some of the adjectives used. And on top of that, the one to me not very well know man says that sentence. 

Apart from the tattoo on your left hand, there is nothing that indicates you have one wild bone in your whole body.

I couldn’t hold back a big laugh, loud and from the bottom of my heart and every other tiny corner of my body. Isn’t it amazing how we all make ourselves a picture of the next person by their looks. The most unimportant part of a human being and we still give it such importance. Being a single female traveller, there are these two things that are sometimes a blessing and sometimes, not a curse but contributes to a less amazing experience. 

Looks and age. 

I’m soon 60 and looking back at the past year and a half I have travelled, I can see that my age and looks have saved me from some unpleasant experiences. Not only because of my age and looks but also because of my experience in life. I know how to behave and conduct myself in different situations, I know what works better and I can tell people off with a confidence I didn’t have when I was younger. Or even when I started this journey. And I don’t get all the unwanted attention from young males the way young women do. That’s on the good side.

On the not so good side, I am not always invited to different social events the way a young woman is, I’m not offered help the same way young women are, or free stays. There are some situations that young people don’t know how to handle. Some younger humans assume a lot of things. That I don’t understand technology, internet, how to find my way, that I can’t carry my stuff and a lot of other things. 

On the interesting side is that I actually don’t look my age which has provided me with loads of laughs. Young men hitting on me, not knowing my age, me observing their reactions when they let them find out.  

Looks and age, two so unimportant parts of a person, the two things we can not change, and yet they are always in focus. I get it. It’s a very human behaviour.

To find out who I am, who you are, to see the person behind the facade, that takes something else. Time and curiosity. It’s when we take the time to have conversations, time to spend with each other, when we take the time to listen without reacting. The most beautiful way on which that can be done is when someone does all of the above without wanting anything back, without any expectations. We should all focus more on that.

That guy also said that I didn’t look like I had done anything wild that I could tell him of. There are lots of stories to tell, I said, but I’m more focused on the wild things I’m about to do in the future. 


Today we had 43 degrees Celsius, in the shadow. Now it’s humid and it feels even hotter. I can’t but think of the Englishmen, before they left India, sipping gin and tonic, complaining about the weather. I hate gin and tonic but today I wouldn’t have mind a sip or two.

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