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Live the dream …

I realised I got a bonus year. The original plan was to travel for one year. But then something came up and I had to decide whether to go home after seven months or to stay on the road another year. That was a tough and difficult decision to make, but I did and decided to stay on the road

Today, I have been away for exactly 470 days. I’ve got 386 days before I realy realy have to go back to my …. apartment, my friends, my swedish family.

I talked to a friend of mine from back home, telling him I felt I was in a bit of a hurry. Why, he said, you have one more year to go. One year, I said, and look how fast the last one went. Because time really flies. Not when one is waiting for things to happen but when one is inn the middle of something time really rushes, vanishes. One year was such a long time, to make that decision, to travel for one year. one year came, was lived and passed so quickly.

386 days to go, to be lived in a different way than the ones that just passed by. Not that I have decided exactly what I will be doing, but I have a rough idea. I want to settle down, to stay put more, not to constantly be on the go.

For decades I have been having a dream, picturing myself sitting on a porch overlooking a serene view writing. Now that I have got this bonus year in my life, I will try and find that porch and the serene view to live my dream.

Perhaps this is the way one should live life, as if the coming year is about to end andoe doesn’t know if there will have another one. To make the most of the time we have now, not taking anything for granted.


4 thoughts on “Live the dream …

  1. More one year to try the world. Congrats for the brave decision!

  2. Thanks for sharing your dream, Madlén. It was touch and very much inspiring of every word you wrote above. To really do that, I am sure that it takes a lot of courage. I hope that I could share that dream some day. Keep walking and enjoy your journey, my friend. Wish you all the best. Stay strong.

  3. Thank you for joining me Hoa, and for all the love you have shown me in various ways. Lots of love to you

  4. Thank you most kindly Patricia. Lots of love to you.

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