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Life Journey …

Recently I had a conversation with a person. We shared our stories, we listened, we contemplated. After reflecting for a while he said So your traveling is a life journey  too.

Some temples here in Chiang Mai have these Monk Chats. Wat Ched Lin is one of those temples. And I fell in love with it. Every Saturday and Sunday one can have a conversation with a monk and afterward attend a guided meditation.

So I did. And that was a journey too.

Our whole life is a journey. But when we talk about journeys we tend to only see the physical movements we do from point A to point B. We forget about the journey we do every day in our minds. These are the journeys the Buddhism focus on. This is when it gets interesting.

I wish there was a Mind Passport, with mind stamps, describing the journey we make.

The young man from yesterday was such an inspiration. At 22 he is still a novice, not ready to be a monk yet. He is doing his masters in humanity and English. He said he will probably feel ready to become a monk when he finishes his masters. What could make him stop being a monk, only thing is if his parents ask him to come and help. Buddha puts parents high.  Purify your mind. We try to do good. We fail. We don’t get punished. Tomorrow we try again. We try to do good.

Every day I can try to do good. Every day is a journey. Every day is a journey in my life.