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Let’s do good …

Before I left my home for traveling I downloaded the meditation app Headspace. I tried it for free for a couple of weeks and enjoyed it so much I decided to pay for one years usage. It’s neat and handy when traveling. And the best thing is that you can download series och individual sessions offline. Brilliant.

For the last couple of days I have meditated a couple or three times a day. I have been feeling inpatient and irritated without knowing why. So I have tried to do something about that. And especially enter having this conversation with the novice at the temple, him telling us about patience, doing good, avoiding bad and all that. I am trying to alla of the above and I still feel irritated and inpatient. So I meditate.

Most travelers I meet are very interesting and inspiring. They have so many stories to share, so many lessons I listen and learn from. And again I realise how lucky I am. How privileged I am.

We talk, we share, I read the news, what is happening around the world, I am interested, there has been some big events occurring the last few days and we talk about them. We share our thoughts.

And suddenly I realise that us humans, living in the beginning of the year of 2017, considering we value education high, considering how far we have come in knowledge, considering most of us have access to the biggest library ever where we can search for answers, considering all that, ingorance is so present.

Ignorance breeding fear, fear breeding defence, defence breeding ….

Today, women around the world are sympathising with the Women’s March to take place in Washington DC, the day after the new president of the USA has taken his seat in the White House. I am so proud of all these women, these human beings, marching to make this statement

women’s rights are human rights, human rights are women’s rights

Lets hope today’s action will show that together we are strong. That if everyone of us do good acts every day, together those acts will overpower the opposite. Not only for us women but for all of us on this earth.

Let’s do good