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Kindness and Compassion …

We all travel for different reasons. We all find different things interesting. I love interacting with people. And I sometimes interact with people just as a social experiment.

I have been in Saigon for 15 days now. The city as such is not the place to linger in but still there are a lot of tourists visiting. Passing by. There are also many expats here. Some are working and some are just …here. Many of the latter for the simple reason of money. As one of the staff at the hostel where I’m staying put it. It may be cheap for you spending 6 dollars a night here but it provides 3 of us here with salary. Please note that for 6 dollars a night I also get a good breakfast that keeps me full for half a day.

Here in Vietnam you can get a beer for 50 cents, and decent meal or a pack of cigarettes for 1 dollar. All those cheap places harbour some of the expats. The only thing they ‘have’ to do is to keep track of when have to do their next run to Cambodia for the visa extension. In between those occasions they drink beer from noon until late evening, get drunk, tell the newly arrived how much they know about this country, constantly comparing prices informing others of how cheap things are or where to go to get the cheapest price and complaining. The complaints are about the locals, the traffic, the food, the people, the culture and how this country is governed. While getting drunk on cheap beer.

Did I mention that all these complaining individuals are all men.

The staff at the hostel are amazing. Always tentative, always trying to make sure I get the best breakfast, asking me if I’m ok and in any way possible trying to make my stay as pleasant as possible. With age I have started waking up early. So I sneak out of the dorm and go to the kitchen to make myself coffee. I love sitting outside watching the city wake up starting the day. Everywhere I’ve been in Asia there’s always someone sleeping in the reception. Also in this hostel. A man, probably my age, sleeping on the couch until it’s time to unlock the front door. Third morning he was already up when I arrived at 6 am. It turns out he prepared a table and two tiny chairs outside and made coffee. So this has become our morning routine. He makes sure I am ok, makes himself an iced coffee and get started with his morning chores and occasionally sits for a while sipping his coffee. That is just one of the many things he does every day for other people.

I would marry that man any minute if we had been able to communicate. A more kind and compassionate man is hard to find.

When I was in Hanoi I met a couple coming to the same cafe every morning at 7 am for tea. Every morning they payed for my coffee and made sure I had tea and breakfast. In Mui Ne I had almost the same experience. These are just some examples of good people in Vietnam.

Kindness and Compassion.

Two winning components in a person that will always gain my respect.



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  1. ❤️❤️ Once again I like the way you travel…

  2. Thank you dear Simone. Hope you are well!!! ?

  3. Nice to travel with you. Thanks

  4. I’m glad to have you onboard!

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