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Karma helps out …

One night and a day and a half. Dubai is a city of extraordinary in many ways. Appart from the obvious like architecture and man built icelands the city is efficient, friendly, law obiding, clean, well organised, free wifi here and there. Well polished. People are friendly in Dubai. Not the smiling type of friendly but friendly. They don’t talk to strangers but if they are addressed by a stranger they are very polite.

Time to leave Dubai.

I am heading for New Delhi. Already at the check in line I see the difference with the indian men.They are constantly questioning things, arguing with the staff, if the woman next to them isn’t family then she is just ignored or even worse. On the aircraft they argue with the air hostesses, question them, demands to be served first and so on. I have no big experience of indian men so lets call this my first encounter with their representatives. I must say, I am not impressed. I have never in my life met men so full of ego. A big ME.

At the airport in New Delhi power is demonstrated at its fullest. Holding passengers in line, delaying the security check, stamps on tags for every bag and on boarding cards, lists written in big books ….. I promise myself to come back one day and give myself a second chance with indian men.

It feels as if I have been away for ages while waiting for the connecting flight to Bangkok. Nothing bold and great comes out of fear they say. And yes I have been bold by deciding to do this journey. I decided not to plan where to go or what to do. But that is not how things are done in reality. In Thailand they won’t let me in to the country if I don’t have a departure ticket to show or I can’t name an address of my stay. So at the airport in Dubai I wasn’t aloud to check in unless I could show a departure ticket from Thailand. Yey!

Luckily I met this lovely young woman at New Delhi airport, we talked and connected. Apparently that is what I do at airports. Talk to people and connect. We talked about life, about being a woman, having kids, career and more. Anyway, Roopal is originally from India but living and working in Bangkok, so she offered me to call her if she could assist in any way. I needed her help sooner than we thought.

At Bangkok airport one has to fill in an immigration card and if you can’t state an address of where you are staying they wont let you in. Roopal offered me to use her address.

Thank you karma for sending these generous people my way. I must have done something good to deserve them.

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