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Indian magicians …

In between posts here I share photos on my Instagram account. As you probably know by now, I like storytelling. With every photo I post I write a text. The other day I posted this

… this country has a very harsh attitude towards living things, children get smacked for no reason, dogs are run over if they’re in the way, waiting for your turn will get you nowhere, here in Varanasi there is one place people help each other no matter friend or foe, when it comes to dipping and washing into the Ganga river then everyone are understanding and helpful …


This is my first time in India and to be honest I didn’t have any expectations. People, with experience from traveling this country, have been telling me you either love or hate it here. Today I realised that

I love it
I tolerate it
I hate it

I love it because of the beautiful people, the culture, the colours, the sceneries, the fabrics, the way people socialise, the street food, It’s so easy to be vegetarian here, the tea, the barbershops in the streets and a lot of other things.

I can tolerate the constant honking, the cowshit in the streets, the dust that covers everything, the dirt, the uncomfortable trains, that some things are more expensive just because I am a tourist, vendors constantly asking if I want a taxi or tuck-tuck and a lot of other things.

I hate that living things are so not valued, the extreme differences between rich and poor, the ignorance on pollution and a lot of other things.

Most of all I admire the people living here, the ones who are not fortunate enough to have a choise. To see how they make themselves a life out of nothing, how resourceful they are. Like magicians in life. I admire them immensely.

They have my fullest respect.