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In the present …

I know, I have written this before but I have to emphasise it again.

When I decided to go traveling for a year, my biggest plan was to Not plan. That was the best decision ever. After two months on the road I have met quite a lot of people, and I see that some are so lost in their plans they don’t see what is happening in front of them. Some are looking to find peace but rush through their days in search.

Traveling on your own gives opportunity to meet people, have conversations, contemplating. So I meet all these digital nomads, we talk, they tell me their story and I am intrigued. My new friend Fenja even becomes one. And this is how it all started for us long time ago. Us being nomads. We have that in us.

One conversation lead to another, words start to shape into sentences and suddenly I realised they can become reality.

Three weeks ago I started to transform my thoughts into something more concrete. Two weeks ago I was in Ubud for one week writing.  This  week I have been in Padangbai finishing the digital product. What remains now is to set up the platform, where to present it.

On top of that I have been invited by my friend Kay Newton to talk about my decision to travel and what I have learned at her on-line retreat 15 March 2017.  Big excitement.

Is this one step towards me becoming a digital nomad?

I don’t know. I am doing this because it challenges me, it gives me pleasure and because I think my product is one other people would benefit from.

I travel like a free spirit on my journey and in my mind.

With love