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Illusions …

The hard part with my decision on traveling for a year is how not to make plans.

A friend of mine asked me where I was planing on going. My own answer surprised me since I hadn’t really thought about it. To wherever the winds take me. By then I knew I want to travel in a slow pace. Not crisscrossing around the globe just to check of a list of cities or continents. Even though at this point, 25 days before takeoff, I realise that one year won’t be enough whether traveling fast or slowly.

Planning and working towards making the plans come true. I believe we all recognise that from our upbringing and the values society holds for us. Especially now when living in the social media age. Facebook is full of articles and adds on how to succeed in this or that area and what to do to get there. Either it has to do with beauty, nutrition, schooling, insurances, traveling etc. Haven’t we all read 5 best ways to … As if there is an absolute true on how things should be done. How to live a life in the right way. And to start planing for it.

One of the best times in my life was when sailing The East Indiaman Götheborg. Being at sea the only thing I knew was when to be on watch and when not. The weather, the winds and maintenance decided the amount of work balanced with leisure time. Yes, Yes, I know. We can’t all live like that. But I miss the not planing part.

So when my friend asked me where I was planing on going I was thinking of not planing where to go. And then my brain did what it is used to doing. My brain started planning.

I get it, I get what my brain is doing. When I decided to start this whole thing I immediately started planing and making lists. Renting out my apartment, check insurances, see to that all the bills goes to my e-bank, stop all paper mail, prepare for this and that, and what to bring, how to store photos, vaccines and much much more. So the brain picked that up and started planing for where to go. So the past two days I’ve been looking for places to stay, people to take me in, South America or Iceland, where and what.

And this morning my brain freaked out because it didn’t know where it’s body, me, would be in a month from now. My brain freaked out and my body started hurting. So I had to sit down and talk some sense into my brain.

Because deep down in my inner core I know that planing only gives me an illusion of security. No matter if I am at home or if I am out traveling the world. Planing creates expectations. When reality doesn’t meet ones expectations one might experience it as a failure. The feeling of failure doesn’t do any good.

So instead of planing I will try to give myself, and my brain, the framework for my journey. This is probably something I will have to remind myself of from time to time. Or perhaps it won’t be a problem once I’m off. So here is my framework.

Meet locals
Listen to peoples stories
Be kind
Do a lot of photography

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  1. That sounds like a very good plan!
    And try to eat different meals… 😉

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