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I have missed this …

I have moved on. In many ways. Motving on is good. Staying in one place is also good. As long as one doesn’t stay there. Continue moving.

Yesterday I met a couple of young women, 18 and 119 years old, in the dorm where I’m staying. We talked for a long time about different things. Traveling, experiences and home. One of them is heading back home to Canada after been away for nearly a year and we talked about home.

Adjusting back, food, what we miss from home, what we would miss from the traveling, how we handle things, how we used to and a lot more.

I arrived to Hanoi, Vietnam yesterday. Another over night travel that drained me. Not enough sleep for two nights, awake a whole day, flight from Colombo, Sri Lanka delayed, no information, no plain, off to KL, waiting and finally Hanoi. Bus to city centre, walk to hostel, check in. Being high on being tired I just couldn’t rest so a first walk through the neighbourhood was the only thing to do.

That is when I realised how much I have missed this Asian culture. Street food everywhere, families living their lives in their shops, herbs and spices, ginger tea, the chopsticks, noodle soups and the transparency into peoples lives.

Walking the streets is like walking through a movie. You see people living their lives, doing their every day thing in public. Rising their children, having their meals, going out in the pyjamas to buy breakfast, preparing for or coming home from work and socialising. Living their lives.

I have missed the food. Having a good noodle soup and realising I can still master the chopsticks. The Vietnamese fresh spring rolls is a delight. And the ginger tea with lime soothes my tired body.

It took me two days to get back to normal. Lots of sleep helped. Now I’m ready for the hustle and the bustle of the big city.

Back home people are celebrating that spring has arrived with bon fires and parades and feasting. I read about it and remember the feeling of cool spring air, the joy when the temperature allowes you to skip the winter jacket and the feeling when going on a walk seeing all the new greens. Happy days. So far away.

The hostel I’m staying at is amazing. I have a bed in a 8 bed mixed dorm. Nothing fancy but clean and well organised. I pay 6 dollars a night and I get sheet, towel, wifi, knowledgeable and friendly staff, free beer every evening and meeting interesting co travellers whit whom I’ve had great conversations with. And there is the breakfast. There is actually a menu to chose from. I’ve been to 40plus countries and never experienced a hostel that good. For 6 dollars a night. Hanoi City Backpackers.

1 US dollar for a coffee, tea or a bear. 1-2 dollars for a meal that will keep you full for a whole day. And no one is trying to rip you off. This is a good place. I will stay and enjoy for a while. Having my morning coffee at my favourite place across the hostel, locals only, getting lost and exploring, having a late breakfast, taking a nap, going for dinner, another walk, having a beer, going for a walk watching the night life, sleep. And in between stopping for tea. Good days.

I’ve missed this.