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How to carry my belongings …

As I told you before I decided to travel light. The main goal for this year is not about buying souvenirs to bring home or struggling when moving from one place to another with carrying my things. So I’m going to travel light.

That means one bag. The one I already have is a 32 litres wheeled backpack from Eagle Creec. It’s a genius bag. Weighs 1.2 kg, easy to convert from backpack to wheeled bag and I’m convinced one can pack at least 50 litres. This is a magical bag. I’ve had it for two almost years and it’s the best ever suitcase/bag/backpack I’ve ever had. Eagle Creec also has a double bag, a removable daypack strapped to the front for day-tripping. Looks handy but I think I’ll be fine with the one I have. I have to confess I’m a sucker for practical gadgets and could easily spend a fortune on them.

In addition to that one I’ll bring a TrustBag. It’s a gym-bag in appearance, but very safe and practical when traveling. Look at the video and you’ll never ever want to bring another handy-sized bag when traveling. The material can resist cuts, ripping and abrasion, the inner bag is waterproof and made out of RFID-blocking material so that passport and credit cards can’t be scanned. You don’t want your id and credit cards scanned. The only thing they have missed, in my opinion, is something to prevent the bag to be easily taken of when carried. So I’ll probably keep the two straps together at the front with a snaplink.

The FlipBelt Zipper edition is a smart belt to wear when working out or traveling. The zipper edition is wider so you can store a passport or a larger smartphone if needed.

I might also bring a light weight, foldable day backpack for day trips and such.

I’ll get back to you with photos in a couple of weeks when I make my first packing tryout.

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