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Home …

Three weeks ago I took the bus to the airport and flew to something new and unknown. I ended up carrying 12 kilos which is less then most people bring for a weeks vacation. My intention was to stay on the road for a year. Now three weeks has passed and I have already received the question if I am homesick.

What is home. Wherever I lay my hat or is it where I feel at home.

Some of the locals here on the pier of Bang Bao stopped me a few times saying ‘I see you here everyday’ with the expression in their face of not understanding.  Why does this woman walk the pier every day, how long will she stay, why is she here …. Isay, Yes, I see you every day too with a smile. And they smile back, Yes yes , true.

This has been my home for the past two weeks. I have grown to like the people on the pier, I admire their way of living caught in the middle of the future and the past. Two worlds mixed into one. And on top of that they have to deal with us tourists. They are hardworking people very much to respect.


I woke up early and went outside to admire the scenery. The sun rising slowly, colours shifting, animals making sounds telling me a new day has been born.

Couple of days ago I met a man who had been traveling for the past 11 years. One of the digital nomads I have encountered lately. People who’s address is a digital one. This particular man is of course loaded with knowledge about the world, different hacks to make traveling easier, where to go and what to do. After talking for a while he confessed that he has things stashed in different places around the world. So, he does have some sort of  homes here and there they just don’t look like the ones non nomadic  people have. Yes, we all find ways of creating a home for ourselves.


So when people ask me if I am homesick, or when well traveled people tell me I will be homesick at a point eventually, I know that they are saying that out of their own perspective. Of course I can not for sure say I will never be, but I think the question is wrong to begin with. It should be ‘How would you define what a home is to you’.

To me, my home is where I feel at home, where the people make me feel welcome, where I can leave my things for a while.

None of my friends back home are digital nomads. All of them are law abiding good citizens, paying their taxes, working 9to5 and odd hours, working. That is what I used to do. Once a year we might go on vacation somewhere abroad staying one week. Three weeks tops if we were traveling far and felt a bit bold. Then we should pack our bags and go home.

Today I am packing my stuff, tomorrow I am leaving, heading to a new home.

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  1. Look forward to se where your new home will be for the next weeks ?

  2. So glad you are with me Lotta!!! Lots of love …

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