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Given with love …

I know, this is not the traditional traveler blog. I know I should write more about the places I visit, provide you readers with links, post more photos, tell more about special restaurants ……

Traveling is about seeing with your own eyes, experiencing for yourself, making it your own trip. Today I stoped by a place that looked nice, I ordered something to drink and the owner quickly engaged in a conversation. … and where are you going next he asked me. Myanmar, I said. And then he held a speech on how he disliked his three day stay in Yangon seven years ago. No, I want to go and see for myself. So I will go and see.

I am more interested in interacting with people and telling you about it than telling you about those special restaurants. People are the ones who make my traveling so special. This is what I have been thinking of the whole day.

I thought of my friends back home, the last time I met them before I left. The time and consideration they had spent in figuring out the special gifts they handed me, the ones that make me think of them every day. I have also noticed that some of my friends made new friends and when being far far away I enjoy their posts on social medias.

Then there are the new friends, the ones I have met along the way, the ones that suddenly and very unexpected found a special place in my heart.

Finally there are the people who show generosity and kindness and some sort of love to me, me being a stranger to them, and yet they are generous, king and loving. Today have been one of those days.

Like the man that runs a vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai. One could tell he was very proud with his cooking, the devercity and the way he talked about the different dishes.With such love. And the food was delicious. Suddenly he starts pointing at one of my tattoos. That is number nine, that is our king…..

That specific tattoo has been interpreted in many different ways by different people. And this interpretation of course was the most moving. To both his man and myself. He came back several times and talked about the connection between the tattoo and the king.

Suddenly he comes with a gift, a necklace, him being so touched, the old king being such in important part of his life, he wanted to gift me with something. The gift is less important, the gesture and the spontanious sharing, the connection one can feel.

The necklace is now worn as a bracelet around my right wrist. Together with the other bracelets given to me with love.