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Friendship and Love …

Today I woke up just after 3 am. I know, it is a bit crazy but that is what happens when when I relax. I sleep when I want and need to. Just around that time is when my friends in Sweden are getting ready for bed. That includes them checking on social media and therefor I get messages from back home around that time.

Life goes on. Everywhere. My life, my friends lives. Different shapes but pretty much same same. Good things happen, difficulties appear, solutions are presented. Life happens.

The worst part is when I can not be there for my friends. Being close makes a difference. Wether it is for support or consolation.

The best part is when I get a call from a friend and time just flies. Conversations that leave me with a smile on my face. I realised I made new friends back home while traveling. Perhaps it is the distance that has brought us together. A friend I proudly would call my sister.

My life in Mui Ne has been quite ordinary. I’ve done almost the same thing every day. Rise early, go and have coffee for hours, bikini on, go to the pool, have breakfast, take a swim, read a book, talk on the phone, have an early dinner, treat myself with a beer in the evening, go to bed. The best part about this is that I get to meet the same locals every day. We sort of get to know each other. The guy taking my breakfast order knows what I want and meeting him every morning makes it easy to have a conversation. We meet in the evening and make some small talk. I meet the same kids playing in the street every afternoon, men and women recognise me. We greet, talk about their children, about the weather. We become familiar to each other. My neighbourhood for a while.

Yes, this is also traveling. Taking it slow. Not going on all guided tours available, not rushing, just … living.

I have now finished my book. The one I’ve had in my bag for the past seven months. My stay in Mui Ne is complete. One more day here and I’m leaving for Ho Chi Minh City. It’s going to be two weeks meeting old friends, new friends and family. I can’t wait.

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