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Friends …

When I turned 40 I had a big  party. Usually people save that big party for their 50 or 60th birthday. Why wait to have a party I thought. It was a happy day, the guests were enjoying themselves and at some point I stood there, watching the crowd, thinking I better take care of the friends Ihave because I think the older I get the harder it will be to get new friends.

A few years later I divorced, life changed and as many of us divorcees have xperienced, friends disappear.

One month ago I had invited people who mean a lot to me to meet up, have a drink with me, give me their best traveling tip or just give me a hug. It was a happy but emotional day, people were enjoying themselves, making new friends and at some point I stood there, watching the crowd, thinking how wrong I was on my 40th birthday. I was moved and touched by my friends, how they showed they love to me. I cried. A lot.  Not because I was miserable but out of happiness. Greatful having my friends close, supporting me.

One month has passed since that moment. My friends from home are still my friends, with some I have spoken often, with some not at all. That’s the way it is.


And then I have all the new friends, the ones with whom I share parts of this journey. We share experiences, secrets and dreams. We help and look out for each other, we are supportive and understanding towards one another.

Some will stick with me for a very long time. You know that, you feel it in your bones. Some you will remember with warmth. Some will be remembered.

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to have met the ones I have met. They have made a difference in my life in various ways. I learn a lot everyday. Especially about myself. Because this is the beauty with meeting new friends. For short or for a long period of time. Friends are a reflection of the self.

Tomorrow I am traveling with a new friend. She is awesome. I look forward to our joined adventure.




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