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First impression …

I read somewhere you should always trust your first impression. Is that applicable to new places too?

Driving through Bali from ferry to bus station the scenery was stunning. Trees and palms, mountains and valleys, rice fields, steep canyons and broad rivers, so much green. People in tiny houses, cottages on stilts, small shops of different kind.

And lots of junk and rubbish. Plastic rubbish. Big fields covered with empty plastic bottles and other plastic rubbish. Outside their houses, besides the roads, plastic rubbish. Downside with modern societies.


I am staying in the Sanur area. The hostel is in two separate buildings, one facing the street, the other one is in the b=middle of the block so you hardly hear the traffic outside. How good is that. The first thing I did was to smell the bed, no mould. Facing the dorms is a pool and a sitting area and at the the end of the area there is a kitchen. Brilliant. This made me decide to stay here for a while. My camp for the week to come. Look forward to unpacking my things, at least some of them.

Being on the road is tiering. Today was a day for rest. I slept 9 hours straight, started the day slowly.  At lunch time I decided to go for walk but first I stopped for some food. Local of course. Then I made my way to the beach. The best thing about Bali now is that it is low season. I cant imagine what it is like when it is highseason. Probably packed with people. Now it’s perfect. Restaurants and hotels are open but doesn’t look like they are barely half full.


Looks like the beach is habituated by both locals and tourists. Fishing boats awaiting their crew, men fishing by the pier, fishermen mending their nets. Hands are a fascinating invention.


Everywhere offerings to the gods. Outside restaurants, either on the pavement just outside the entrance or on a stand just next to the entrance. There are offerings everywhere. Everywhere. Makes me feel as if … it is nice, like this is a place you can all home. Like a place that is cared for.

Outside the kitchen we are 8 people around the table. Some are eating, some planing next trip, some watching a movie but in between we are all talking. It’s a friendly place.

Good vibes